Step 2 - Screening Proposal for Consistency with Forest Plans

Initial Screening– Is the proposal consistent with existing laws, regulations, and the Forest land and resource management plan?  Is the proposed activity safe for the public or interfere with other administrative uses? 

Second Level Screening– Is the proposal in the public interest and compatible with other current land resource uses?  Is the proponent qualified, able to demonstrate technical and financial feasibility and designated legal agent?     

  • Initial screening:  To begin the process of obtaining a Special Use Permit on the Tonto National Forest, you are first required to contact the Forest Service Office in the area where you wish to have your activity before you have worked out the details. This initial contact will determine whether your activity meets the pre-application screening requirements applicable to all special uses.  If your proposal does not meet the initial screening requirements, you will be notified that the proposal, as submitted, is denied. 
  • Second-level screening:  A proposal that passes the initial screening proceeds to second- level screening by a Forest Service Permit Administrator. Your proposal will be accepted as an application if it is consistent with Forest Management Plans.  Once the proposal has passed second-level screening requirements, the permit administrator will provide guidance on what information will be further required to complete your submission of an application.
  • Common Reasons for Denial:
    • Any proposal determined to be “inappropriate use of System lands” or venue is better suited for non-federally owned lands.  Proponent may be required to provide proof of efforts exploring alternatives prior submission.
    • Non-issued categories:
      • Treasure Trove – i.e.: Lost Dutchman Mine, Spanish Gold
      • Merchandise or Food Vendor – i.e.: Hot dog carts, Taco trucks
      • Service Provider - i.e.: Watercraft repair, watercraft rentals and delivery
      • Shuttle Services – i.e.: River tubing transport

The Proposal Screening Process: Once a proposal has passed the screening process, proceed to Step 3 – Filling out the Application.