Outfitting and Guiding

Outfitting: Renting on or delivering to National Forest System Lands for pecuniary remuneration or other gain any saddle or pack animal, vehicle, boat, camping gear, or similar supplies or equipment. 

Guiding: Providing services or assistance (such as supervision, protection, education, training, packing, touring, subsistence, transporting people, or interpretation) for pecuniary remuneration or other gain to individuals or groups on National Forest System lands.


  • Priority Permits-3% of adjusted gross receipts annually for all services provided on National Forest System Lands
  • Temporary Permits-flat fee ranging from $150 to $600 based on number of authorized service days

Submission deadline: 90 days prior to proposed event

You will need:

  • Application
  • Insurance Certificate covering the timeframe of your activity
  • State issued guide licenses
  • Maps of the areas to be used with specific trails, roads, camps, etc. highlighted
  • O/G Operating Plan
  • Estimated Fee Worksheet
  • Copy of Release of Liability form (if use one)
  • Copy of website, advertising brochures, etc.
  • Final Fee Worksheet (to be completed at the end of the year)

Once you have completed the above documents, see Step 4 – Review by the Permit Administrator.