2018 Christmas Tree Permits


String of Christmas lights with pine boughs

Trees must be cut within the designated cutting areas.  A map of the cutting area will be provided with the permit.  Trees may be cut beginning November 17  There are no refunds on Christmas tree permits.

At a Glance

  • Each Christmas tree permit allows permit holders to cut  a tree up to 10 feet tall
  • One tree per household.One person may purchase up to four permits for other families not living in the household
  • Permits are for personal use only
  • No refunds on Christmas tree permits
  • Cutting dates are November 17 through December 24

For Those with Permits 

Tree cutters are reminded to be prepared for sudden weather changes and colder conditions when in high elevations.  A fun family outing can become miserable and even dangerous with a quick change of weather for the unprepared. 

Forest officials recommend cutting your tree early in the season before the higher elevations are snow bound. To help keep your tree fresh, cut two inches from the bottom of your tree when you get home and place it in water.  Keep your tree watered and in a shady spot until you are ready to move it into the house.

Another helpful hint is to bring an old tarp to wrap your tree in.  Then when you drag your tree out of the forest, the tarp protects the tree and helps you avoid breaking branches.  The tarp can also help avoid wind damage on the way home.