Tonto Pass Vendor Guide

Forms and Information:

Vendor Order Form
Fee Management Agreement
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Ordering Procedures
(Vendor must have signed the Fee Management Agreement and be active in the system before ordering)

To order passes:

The minimum order is based on product requested:

Tonto Daily Passes: 1 book (25 passes)
Watercraft Use Stickers: 1 sheet (10 stickers)

  1. Orders may be placed over the phone by calling the Tonto Pass Hotline at 602-225-5366.  No order form is necessary.
  2. Orders may be faxed, using the order form, to 602-225-5281.
  3. Orders may be mailed, using the order form, to

Tonto National Forest
Attn: Tonto Pass Program
2324 E. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ  85006.

  1. Orders may be submitted via email to  Please be sure to include the information found on the order form (vendor name, name of person placing order, quantities requested, etc.).

To pay for passes:

Submit full payment to the Forest Service when placing the pass order in the form of:  personal checks, company checks, postal money order, bank cashier’s check, or personal/business credit cards.  Forest Service will only accept checks and money orders made payable to:  USDA Forest Service.

To verify a pass order:

  1. Inspect the order for accuracy, making sure it matches what is on the invoice (AD-107).  If there are any damaged or missing passes, please notify the Tonto Pass Program Office as soon as possible. 
  2. Sign and return one copy of the invoice (AD-107) in the stamped, self-addressed envelope provided to the Tonto Pass Program office.  If you paid with a credit card, a receipt for the transaction is enclosed.

Pass Sales

  1. Vendors are authorized to sell the Tonto Pass items for face value:
    1. Tonto Daily Pass: $8.00
    2.  Watercraft Use Sticker $4.00
  2. Passes may be sold at less than face value, in accordance with the Fee Management Agreement, but they may never be sold for more than face value.
  3. Passes may not be sold by the Vendor to non-participating vendors or anyone else for resale purposes.


  1. Vendors will be able to purchase Tonto Pass items at a wholesale rate of 95 percent of the face value of the items:
  1. $7.60 for Tonto Daily Passes ($.40 commission)
  2. $3.80 for Watercraft Use Stickers ($.20 commission)

Refund and Replacement

A refund will be processed for the return of unsold Tonto Pass items that are in reusable condition in the event of termination of the Fee Management Agreement within 30 business days of termination date.

Products that are damaged in transit to the vendor, have printing errors, or are expired and no longer usable will be replaced with like products.  Replacements will only be issued once returned products are received and inspected to ensure that they meet those criteria.  Replacement passes will not be issued due to vendor error or for passes returned to the vendor by their customer.

The Tonto Pass Program cannot keep credits on a Vendor’s account.

Information Distribution

Vendors are not expected to provide detailed information about the Tonto Pass Program to Pass purchasers.  Basic information is found on the back of the Tonto Daily Pass.  For any questions that cannot be answered at the time of purchase, the purchaser should be advised to call or visit one of the Forest Service offices listed on the back of the Pass.

Tonto National Forest Offices

Cave Creek Ranger District
40202 N. Cave Creek Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ  85262

Globe Ranger District
7680 Six Shooter Canyon Rd.
Globe, AZ  85501

Mesa Ranger District
5140 E. Ingram St.
Mesa, Arizona  85205

Payson Ranger District
1009 E Highway 260
Payson, Arizona  85541

Pleasant Valley Ranger District
Forest Road 63
Young, AZ  85554

Tonto Basin Ranger District
Highway 188
Roosevelt, Arizona  85545

Tonto National Forest  Supervisor’s Office
2324 E. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ  85006
602-225- 5200


Vendor Hotline: 602-225-5366
Vendor Fax: 602-225-5281
Vendor Email:



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an agreement to sell the Tonto Pass that will exclude my competitors?

No. It is unlawful for the federal government to exclude competition.  

Can I sell the Tonto Pass on consignment?


Where else will the Tonto Pass be sold?

Vendors may only purchase passes from the Tonto National Forest Tonto Pass Program office in Phoenix.  Customers will be able to purchase individual passes at many locations.  A vendor list is posted on the Tonto National Forest web site.

Are Tonto Passes subject to Arizona sales taxes?

All retail vendors must comply with Arizona state and local laws and regulations.  The Arizona Department of Revenue has issued a letter stating that the sale of Tonto Pass items by authorized Vendors “is not subject to the state’s transaction privilege (sales) tax”.  In a letter from the Unified Audit Committee which represents cities and towns where Tonto Pass items might be sold, the chairperson of the committee stated that “The proposed sales of the Tonto Pass by independent vendors are similarly not subject to municipal transaction privilege (sales) tax.”  There are copies on file at the Tonto Pass Program office. Copies will be provided upon request.