America the Beautiful and Interagency Passes

In 1996, the Tonto National Forest began charging use fees at many of the forest's water based recreation areas under the Recreation Fee Demonstration Act. The program continued under the Recreation Enhancement Act passed in 2004.

Recreation Fee Program Accomplishment Report - 2014 (pdf)

America the Beautiful - the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands - Pass

The government has established the America the Beautiful -- the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Program (national interagency pass) that allows the public to access some fee areas without additional charge. This is very convenient and cost effective when traveling to several sites that charge an entrance fee. Visit the America the Beautiful USGS website for more information.

Since national interagency passes apply only to sites with entrance fees, they have limited applicability on the Tonto National Forest. 

Tonto Upgrade decals will not be sold after December 31, 2015.  Beginning January 1, 2016, the Tonto National Forest will sell Tonto Discovery Passes and Tonto Senior Discovery Passes which can be used at boat launches, Picnic and Shoreline sites.  In addition, you may purchase your national interagency passes at Tonto National Forest offices, but they will only be valid in Picnic sites.  They will not cover Boat Launches, Campgrounds, or Shoreline sites.  

The Tonto Discovery Pass is $80.00 or Tonto Senior Discovery Pass is $60.00 for seniors.   

More information is available at the recreation FAQ page.

National interagency passes

National interagency passes alone can be used at many of our federal recreation parks, monuments and historic sites nationwide where entry fees are charged.

Interagency annual pass

Interagency annual 



Senior interagency pass (Seniors 62 or older) 

Two passes are now offered for Seniors

  • Annual Pass is $20 and valid for one full year after purchase
  • Lifetime Pass is $80 and will not expire

Both of these passes can be purchased in our offices or online at:

Senior annual interagency passSenior lifetime interagency pass


Access lifetime interagency pass

Access lifetime 

interagency pass

(people with permanent disabilities) - Free