Sierra Ancha Wilderness Area

Sierra Ancha WildernessFirst established in 1933 as a "Primitive Area," this 20,850 acre wilderness is full of surprises, and is a pleasure to explore. While not large in acres, this very special wilderness includes precipitous box canyons, high cliffs, and pine-covered mountains.

The extremely rough topography limits (and often prohibits) cross-country travel; however, there is an extensive system of trails (trail condition varies from good to poor). A wide variety of plant and animal species are found here. Species range from those found in the desert to those found at 8,000 feet.

A group size of no more than 15 people and no more than 15 head of pack or saddle animals of any type is enforced within this wilderness year-round.

A Recreation Opportunity Guide is available from the Pleasant Valley Ranger Station.  Visit our on-line MAP to get an overview of the Sierra Ancha Wilderness and its trails.


A Recreation Opportunity Guide (10 pages) is available from the Pleasant Valley Ranger Station or the Forest Supervisors Office.

Our WILDERNESS FAQs page has answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Wilderness Areas.

Activities such as prospecting and treasure troving are limited. For more information, go to Other Wilderness Activities.

All of our Wilderness Areas adhere to the LEAVE NO TRACE policy.