The Lone Fire

On April 27th, 1996 in the vicinity of Lone Pine saddle, two campers left a campfire smoldering. The result of this thoughtless act and thier lack of caring resulted in the conflagration named the Lone Fire.

This fire burned thousands of acres of brush-covered slopes, and raged uphill through the small stands of ponderosa pine, destroying hundred-year-old-trees. A large portion of the Four Peaks Wilderness was burned over by this monster fire which was not put out for eleven (11) days. When the smoke finally cleared, more than 61,000 acres had been burned by the largest fire known to have occurred in Arizona's history.


Worse than the fire itself is the erosion which occurred afterwards. Several of our trails have suffered major damage. Be sure you have a map with you, because some parts are so bad you can easily lose your way. In other areas the brush is growing so rapidly that passage is difficult, and/or deep ditches cut across the trail.

We are working to re-establish your trail system. In the meantime, use them with great caution.

Amethyst Mine

The Amethyst Mine is located on private land which is posted and fenced. Due to continued vandalism and on-site safety hazards, the property owners are denying entry onto their property. Legal action will be taken against all trespassers.