Salt River Canyon Wilderness Area

Due to the ongoing closure of White Mountain Apache Tribal recreation sites, including the Upper Salt River put-in, the Tonto National Forest is suspending the lottery for 2021 permits for the Salt River Canyon Wilderness. Should the closure end before or during the permitted season of March 1st to May 15th, a first come first served permit process will be announced.

Salt River Canyon WildernessThis Wilderness contains approximately 32,100 very rugged acres and was established in 1984. The Salt River and its spectacular canyon bisect the wilderness for its entire length. Elevations range from 2,200 feet at the canyon's lower end to 4,200 feet on White Ledge Mountain. This area can be visited practically any time; however, there are no maintained trails within the entire wilderness. Travel is basically done by raft or kayak during the short and dangerous river-running season.

For further information on the whitewater rafting application process, and information on the Salt River Canyon contact the Globe Ranger Station, or Tonto Forest Supervisor's Office.

Mandatory Visitor Permits for river-running are required between March 1 and May 15. The application period for these permits is from December 1st  through January 31 each year.”

For more information, go to Upper Salt River Visitor Permit Information. View the Upper Salt River Map (pdf)

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Activities such as prospecting and treasure troving are limited. For more information, go to Other Wilderness Activities.

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