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Celebrating Wildflowers

Below is a sample of our wildflower coloring book with drawings by Karl Urban. The wildflower catalog has 2 images for each plant, a line drawing and a coloring guide. This coloring book is a wonderful classroom tool to teach students about "Celebrating Wildflowers."

Wildflower coloring book sample



Native Plant Notebook

This notebook provides detailed information from a broad array of sources has been compiled to develop "species profiles" for selected grass, tree, and forb species native to the Blue Mountains area of northeast Oregon and southeast Washington. Topics covered include habitat needs and restoration uses, as well as biological information pertaining to seed weights, maturity dates, and collection and propagation methods. Information on sowing rates, and expected germination and seed yields in both agronomic and forest settings is also presented. Click here for notebook.

Umatilla's Noxious Weeds List

  • For information on each weed, see the Plants National Database -
    • Select an option--symbol, scientific name, or common name--then type in the symbol or name for the species you want.
  • For photos and more detailed information, go to: The Nature Conservancy



Vascular Plant Species List

Non-vascular Plant Species

Current & Historical Sensitive Plant Species Status

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