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Travel Management Rule - Subpart A Final Travel Analysis Report Documents

Image of TAR CoverThe U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region has released 17 travel analysis reports that outline existing road systems and identify opportunities to achieve a more sustainable system of roads for each national forest in the Pacific Northwest. (see news release.)  Travel analysis reports are part of a nationwide requirement involving national forests across the country.  These reports are not decision documents—instead, they provide an analysis of where the existing road system is today. All future proposed actions and decisions will involve further opportunities for public input and engagement at the project-level under national environmental policy act processes, according to guidance issued by Regional Forester Jim Peña to all national forests.

The Umatilla National Forest has completed the Subpart A-Travel Analysis Report which will help inform future site-specific considerations for safe and efficient travel, and for protection, management and public use of the forest. The Umatilla National Forest also completed Subpart B of the 2005 Travel Rule in 2009 and published the 7th set of annual Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMS) in 2015.

Subpart A-Final Travel Analysis Report Documents

  1. Final travel analysis report (PDF 1.06 MB)
  2. Amendment #1 to Final Travel Analysis Report (PDF 457 KB)
  3. Amended Map of roads likely needed and likely not needed (PDF 2.1 MB)
  4. Amended List of roads likely not needed (PDF 77 KB)
  5. Travel Analysis - Frequently Asked Questions (260 KB)

Appendix A - Benefit Risk Assessment

Appendix C - Road Lists

Appendix B-FinancialAnalysis

Appendix D - Maps

2004 Roads Analysis (as referenced in the 2015 Transportation Analysis)

Roads analysis is an integrated ecological, social, and economic approach to transportation planning, addressing both existing and future road systems. The analysis is designed to be scaleable, flexible, and driven by road-related issues important to the public and managers. A multi-scale approached is used to ensure that these issues are examined in context and provides a set of analytical questions that fit analysis techniques to individual situations.

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