Umatilla National Forest - Historic Documents

The Umatilla National Forest silviculture library has an archive of historical reference materials. With few exceptions, only items produced before 1950 are included in the history archive.

The archive contains materials for the entire Blue Mountains, not just the Umatilla National Forest. This decision was made because national forest boundaries have evolved through time; much of the south end of the Umatilla National Forest was previously included in the Wallowa-Whitman or Malheur National Forests.

In 1995, the Umatilla National Forest decided to transcribe commonly requested reports so they could be offered in an electronic format. The table below lists the reports, and it provides a link to their abstract. Many of the reports are also available for downloading in a PDF format. (Click here for instructions on how to download adobe reader.)

Aldous, A.E. 1914. Memorandum office report of a grazing examination trip on the Umatilla National Forest
Abstract | Umatilla12.pdf (291 kb)

Allen, E.T. 1906. Report on the Wenaha Forest Reserve
Abstract | Wenaha1.pdf (183 kb)

Ames, F.E. 1909. Record of cut-over areas.
Abstract | Cutover1.pdf (57 kb)

Ames, F.E. 1910. The conduct of timber sales.
Abstract | Ames1.pdf (78 kb)

Andrews, W.T. 1911. Proposed timber sale, Dry Fork Clear Creek, application of Sumpter Timber and Lumber Company.
Abstract | Whitman17 (76 kb)

Andrews, W.T.; Merritt, Melvin L. 1910. Head watershed: Middle Fork John Day River; Whitman National Forest, Oregon.
Abstract | Whitman2.pdf (204 kb)

Anonymous. 1933. Pioneer eastern Oregon lumber firm. The Timberman. 34(September): 48-49.
Abstract | oregon lumber co.pdf (360 Kb)

Anonymous. 1945. Decline of the forests. Fortune. 31: 169-175.
Abstract | declineoftheforests.pdf (120 Kb)

[Author unknown]. [Date unknown]. Analysis of Dayton Working Circle, Umatilla National Forest.
Abstract | Umatilla7.pdf (87 Kb)

[Author unknown]. [Date unknown]. Report upon the proposed Colville Forest Reserve, Washington.
Abstract | Colville1.pdf (94 kb)

Barnes, Ephraim. 1912. Report on insect infestation control work conducted by the Bureau of Entomology and the Forest Service, Whitman National Forest, spring of 1911.
Abstract | Whitman14.pdf (77 kb)

Bartrum, S.C. 1910. Fire protection on the national forests: cooperation with states, counties, and organizations.
Abstract | Bartrum1.pdf (66 kb)

Beckham, Stephen Dow. 1995. An interior empire: historical overview of the Columbia Basin. Walla Walla, WA
Abstract | Beckham 1995.pdf

Beckham, Stephen Dow. 1995. Grande Ronde River, Oregon: river widths, vegetative environment, and conditions shaping its condition, Imbler vicinity to headwaters
Abstract | Beckham_grande.pdf

Beckham, Stephen Dow. 1995. Tucannon River, Washington: river widths, vegetative environment, and conditions shaping its condition, mouth to headwaters.
Abstract | Beckham_tucannon.pdf

Blake, Grover C. 1957.  Sowing the Seed.
 Abstract | sowingtheseed.pdf

Booth, Robert W. 1963. 1928 burn reforestation survey for the Heppner Ranger District.
Abstract | Umatilla17.pdf (10 mb)

Brewer, William H. 1870. The woodlands and forest systems of the United States
Abstract | Brewer.pdf (487 kb)

Bright, George A. 1911. Annual silvical report; ponderosa pine regeneration on the Whitman National Forest.
Abstract | Whitman1.pdf (309 kb)

Bright, G.A. 1912. A study of the growth of yellow pine in Oregon.
Abstract | Oregon1.pdf (204kb)

Bright, George A.  1913.  Annual Silvical Report - Relative Merits of Western Larch and Douglas Fir in the Blue Mountains, Oregon
Abstract  Umatilla1.pdf (88 kb)

Bright, George A.; Powell, David C. (editor). 2008. An extensive reconnaissance of the Wenaha National Forest in 1913.
Abstract bright report.pdf (15.5 mb)

Selected Historical Photographs of the Tucannon River Area (10 mg)

Buck, C.J. 1934. Memorandum regarding a proposed change in policy from clearcutting to selective logging.
Abstract | Silvics4.pdf (47 kb)

Buckhorn, Walter J. 1947. Pine beetle survey of 1946 on the Umatilla National Forest.
Abstract | Umatilla11.pdf (191 kb)

Buckhorn, W. J. 1947. Second Memorandum on the Douglas Fir Tussock Moth Outbreak Near Troy, Oregon
Abstract Defoliator2.pdf (439 kb)

Buckhorn, W. J. 1948. Defoliator Situation in the Fir Stands of Eastern Oregon and Washington - Season of 1947
Abstract Defoliator1.pdf (108 kb)

Cecil, G.H. 1910. Memorandum regarding Supervisor's inspections.
Abstract | Cecil1.pdf (75 kb)

Chaffee, R.R. 1910. Annual silvical report: Deschutes National Forest.
Abstract | Deschutes1.pdf (143 kb)

Chidsey, Thomas E.  1910.  Annual Grazing Report - 1910
 Abstract  | Umatilla10.pdf (75 kb)

Clark, F.A. 1904. The proposed Chesnimnus Forest Reserve, Oregon.
Abstract | Chesnim1.pdf (49 kb)

Clarke, Frank A.; Langille, H.D. 1904. The proposed Wallowa Forest Reserve, Oregon.
Abstract | Wallowa2.pdf (62 kb)

Cliff, Edward P. 1939. Relationship between elk and mule deer in the Blue Mountains of Oregon.
Abstract | bmelkpaper.pdf (2.4 mb)

Clouston, John G. 1942. Memorandum regarding big-game management in the Blue Mountains.
Abstract | Bluemtn11.pdf (56 kb)

Conover, C.J. 1921. Descriptive and cost reports; Powwatka Ridge timber survey project, Wallowa National Forest.
Abstract | Wallowa9.pdf (862 kb)

Courtney, A.G.; Shafer, F.E.; Burgess, L.; Clark, R.; Tucker, G.J. 1944. Report of the 1943-44 winter game survey, Asotin Ranger District. Pomeroy, WA.
Abstract |  Umatilla22.pdf (636 kb)

Cowlin, R.W. 1988. Background Information About the 1930s Inventory
Abstract | Cowlin2.pdf (237 kb)

Cowlin, R.W.; Briegleb, P.A.; Moravets, F.L. 1942.
Forest Resources of the ponderosa pine region of Washington and Oregon
Abstract | Cowlin1.pdf (12 mb)

Chriswell, Harold C. 1989. Memoirs; Harold C. (Chris) Chriswell; 1933 to 1971.
Abstract | criswell_memoirs.pdf (2.56 mb)

Darlington, H.T. 1915. A study of grazing conditions in the Wenaha National Forest.
Abstract | Darlington1915.pdf (2.46 mb)

Drake, George L. 1920. Timber sale report: Looking-glass Creek area.
Abstract | Wenaha2.pdf (295 kb)

Dutton, Walt L. [1931]. Report on 1930 driveway investigation
Abstract | Bluemtn18.pdf (5.36 mb)

Eaton, C.B.; Beal, J.A.; Furniss, R.L.; Speers, C.F. 1949.
Airplane and helicopter spraying with DDT for spruce budworm control.
Abstract | Eaton.pdf (110 kb)

Edmonston, W.D. 1913. 1912 report on northeastern Oregon mountain pine beetle project no. 38.
Abstract | Whitman 13 (1.7 mb)

Erickson, M.L. 1906. Inspection report for the Blue Mountain Forest Reserve (E).
Abstract | Bluemtn4.pdf (195 kb)

Erickson, M. L.  1906.  Report on Blue Mountains (West) Reserve, Oregon
Abstract Bluemtn5.pdf (139 kb)

Erickson, M.L. 1906. Inspection report for the Wallowa Forest Reserve, Oregon.
Abstract | Wallowa1.pdf (159 kb)

Erickson, M.L. 1907. Inspection report for the Chesnimnus Forest Reserve, Oregon.
Abstract | Chesnim2.pdf (131 kb)

Erickson, M.L.  1907.  Report on Heppner, Oregon, National Forest - 1907
Abstract  |  Heppner2.pdf (162 kb) 

Erickson, M.L. 1907. Supplementary inspection report for the Wallowa Forest Reserve, Oregon.
 Abstract | Wallowa6.pdf (103 kb)

Ericson, O.F.; Conover, C.J. 1918. Descriptive report: Upper North Fork timber survey project.
Abstract | Whitman12.pdf (882 kb) 

Evans, R.M. 1912. General silvical report: Wallowa and Minam Forests.
 Abstract | Wallowa7.pdf (1.56 mb)

Ewing, Carl. 1939 (November 21). Memorandum: historical information about the Umatilla National Forest.
Abstract | Umatilla21.pdf (20 kb)

Farquhar, Henry H. 1912. Western white pine seed collection, fall of 1911.
Abstract | Kaniksu.pdf (5.4 MB)

Flory, Charles H. 1910. Organization of national forest force.
Abstract | Flory1.pdf (90 kb)

Forest Inventory Data for the Blue Mountains (1910-1911)
This document is a technical analysis of inventory data collected in 1910-1911.  It contains tables, bar charts, and line graphs pertaining to the following plot locations:  Austin-Whitney; Crawford Creek; Lookingglass Creek; Parker's Mill; Winlock's Mill; and seedling growth data for Baker/Grant/Union counties. munger.pdf (7 kb)

Foster, H.D. 1905. Two silvics narratives for the Wenaha National Forest, Washington.
Abstract | Wenaha3.pdf (57 kb)

Foster, H.D. 1906. Report on the silvics of the Wenaha Forest Reserve, Washington and Oregon.
Abstract | Wenaha4.pdf (136 kb)

Foster, H. D.  1908.  Report on the Silvics of the Blue Mountains (E) National Forest 
Abstract Bluemtn2.pdf (123 kb)

Furniss, R.L.; Buckhorn, W.J.; Wright, K.H. 1948. The spruce budworm in Oregon and Washington; season of 1948.
Abstract | Defoliator4.pdf (100 kb)

Galbraith, William A.; Anderson, E. William. 1971. Grazing history of the northwest.
Abstract  | Galbraith 1971.pdf (1.36 mb)

Gaskill, A.  1903. Blue Mountain Reserve
Abstract  | Bluemtn6.pdf (62 kb)

Gaskill, A. [1903]. The proposed La Grande Forest Reserve.
Abstract | Lagrande1.pdf (55 kb)

Gaskill, A. 1903. The proposed Wallowa Forest Reserve.
Abstract | Wallowa3.pdf (80 kb)

Gilkey, Harold P. 1912. Study of western larch.
Abstract | Whitman11.pdf (28 kb)

Gillis, George. 1937. Remote past of the Heppner District vicinity.
Abstract | Heppner4.pdf (34 kb)

Government Printing Office. 1927. Herrick Timber Contract, Malheur National Forest, Oregon.
Abstract | herrickhearing.pdf (4.26 mb - 897 pages)

Griffin, Alfred A. 1916. Descriptive report of the Burnt River timber survey project, Whitman National Forest.
Abstract | Whitman18.pdf (345 kb)

Griffin, Alfred A. 1918. Descriptive and cost reports of the Swamp Creek timber survey project, Wallowa National Forest.
Abstract | Wallowa10.pdf (341 kb)

Griffin, Alfred A.; Conover, Charles J. 1917. Descriptive report of the Powder River timber survey project, Minam National Forest.
Abstract | Minam1.pdf (320 kb)

Guthrie, John D. 1924. Development of new Oregon pine section. The Timberman. 25(October): 49-51, 127-128.
Abstract | new oregon pine.pdf (1.47 mb)

Hanzlik, E.J. 1925. Growth of reserve trees on western yellow pine cut-over areas in Oregon.
Abstract | Wallowa11.pdf (57 kb)

Harrington, Constance A., compiler. 2003. The 1930s survey of forest resources in Washington and Oregon.
Abstract | survey1930s.pdf (2.49 mb)

Headsten, Edward W. 1910. Annual silvical report: Colville National Forest.
Abstract | Colville2.pdf (91 kb)

Heintzleman, B.F. 1913. North slope sub-type of the Blue Mountains.
Abstract | Whitman15.pdf (68 kb)

Historical Livestock Grazing Data for Umatilla NF Counties Grazing Data.htm 

Hodgson, Allen H. 1913. The Ochoco National Forest, A History.
Abstract | ochocohistory.pdf

Hopkins, A.D. 1910. Summary, evidence, conclusions, and recommendations relating to insect depredations on the pine timber of northeastern Oregon.
Abstract | Bluemtn10.pdf (18 kb)

Horton, F.V. 1917. Report on extensive grazing reconnaissance, Umatilla National Forest.
Abstract | Umatilla3.pdf (180 kb)

Humphrey, R. R. 1943. A history of range use and its relation to soil and water losses on the Walla Walla River watershed, Washington and Oregon. Northwest Science. 17: 82-87.
Abstract | history of range use.pdf (993 kb)

Huntington, J. W. Perit. 1956. J.W. Perit Huntington to Hon. N.S. Taylor, Umatilla Reservation, December 22, 1868.
Abstract | Huntington.pdf (1.43 mb)

Iler, J.C.; Beeman, W.H. 1938. Analysis of Grande Ronde Working Circle, Umatilla National Forest, Oregon.
Abstract | Umatilla4.pdf (535 kb)

 Iler, J.C.; Beeman, W.H.; Bottcher, R.P.; Stewart, L.L. 1938. Policy statement for La Grande Working Circle; Umatilla, Whitman, and Wallowa national forests, Oregon. [Place of publication unknown]: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Umatilla National Forest. 28 p.
Abstract | LaGrande2.pdf (63 kb)

Jaenicke, A.J. 1948. Miscellaneous memoranda regarding a proposal to control budworm in the vicinity of the Umatilla National Forest.
Abstract | Defoliator3.pdf (402 kb)

Jones, Ira E. [Date Unknown]. Recollections by Ira E. Jones, Whitman National Forest
Abstract | Whitman20.pdf (81 kb)

Jorgensen, Glen. 1948. Timber disposal plan: Elgin Block, La Grande Working Circle.
Abstract | Umatilla6.pdf (135 kb)

Jorgensen, Glen. 1948. Timber disposal plan: Pendleton-Pilot Rock Working Circle.
Abstract | Umatilla5.pdf (164 kb)

Keen, F.P. 1936. Relative susceptibility of ponderosa pines to bark-beetle attack
Abstract | Keen1.pdf (165 kb)

Keen, F.P. 1950. The influence of insects on ponderosa pine silviculture
Abstract | Keen2.pdf (91 kb)

Kent, W.H.B. 1904. The proposed Wenaha Forest Reserve, Washington and Oregon.
Abstract | Wenaha5.pdf (94 kb)

Kent, W.H.B. 1907. Silvics report for the Cascade (South) Forest Reserve.
Abstract | Cascade1.pdf (44 kb)

Koch, Elers [Date Unknown]. History of 1910 forest fires in Idaho and western Montana
Abstract | Koch1.pdf (1.63 mb)

Kummel, J.F. 1910. Planting on the national forests.
Abstract | Kummel1.pdf (78 kb)

Kummel, Julius F. 1918. Final report: Fp-102(c) – test of season of planting western white pine in the Blue Mountain region.
Abstract | Bluemtn8.pdf (23 kb)

Kummel, Julius F. 1924. Final report: methods and season of direct seeding western yellow pine.
Abstract | Bluemtn9.pdf (11 kb)

Kuhns, Edith Y. 1964. The Mottet Meadows Fire, Wenaha National Forest, 1919.
Abstract | Kuhns 1964 .pdf (31 kb)

Langille, H. D.  1903.  The Proposed Heppner Forest Reserve
Abstract Heppner1.pdf (1.47 mb)

Langille, H.D. 1904. Supplemental report on the proposed Chesnimnus Forest Reserve, Oregon.
Abstract | Chesnim3.pdf (66 kb)

Langille, H. D.  1906.  Report on the Proposed Blue Mountains Forest Reserve    
Abstract Bluemtn1.pdf (50 kb)

Langille, H. D.  1956.  Mostly Division "R" days. Oregon Historical Quarterly. 57(4): 301-313.
Abstract division r days.pdf (703 kb)

Leve, Walter H. 1920. Review of results to date in experiments 2, 4, 14, 15, 16 (western yellow pine and western white pine plantings).
Abstract | Whitman19.pdf (75 kb)

Lowdermilk, W.C.; Hamilton, George. 1922. The secondary species problem.
Abstract | Idaho2.pdf (1.4 MB)

Mansfield, H. Robert. 1939. A plan of management for Clearwater Working Circle.
Abstract | Umatilla9.pdf (2.8 mb)

Matz, Fred A. 1928. Descriptive report, Malheur River timber survey project.
Abstract  | Malheur3.pdf (519 kb)

Matz, Fred A. 1929. Descriptive report, Chesnimnus timber survey project.
Abstract | Wallowa12.pdf (500 kb)

Matz, Fred A. 1931. Descriptive report, Middle Fork John Day River timber survey project.
Abstract   | Malheur4.pdf (907 kb)

Matz, Fred A. 1932. Descriptive report, Camas Creek timber survey project.
Abstract  | Umatilla19.pdf (1.3 MB)

Matz, Fred A. 1933. Descriptive report, Bear [Rock] Creek timber survey project.
Abstract  | Umatilla18.pdf (487 kb)

Matz, Fred A. 1926. Descriptive report, Hilgard timber survey project.
Abstract  | Umatilla20.pdf (1.6 mb)

Matz, Fred A. 1934. Descriptive report, Middle Fork John Day River timber survey project.
Abstract  | Malheur5.pdf (496 kb)

Merritt, Melvin L.  1911.  Lodgepole Pine in the Whitman National Forest 
Abstract Whitman16.pdf (80 kb)

Merritt, Melvin L.  1916.  Yellow pine fire damage.
Abstract | Deschutes3.pdf (40 kb)

Merzenich, et. al. 1974. Plants and vertebrates of the Wenaha drainage.
Abstract | Wenaha drainage.pdf (2.78 mb)

Miles, Herbert J. 1911. Annual silvical report for the Malheur National Forest.
Abstract | Malheur1.pdf (122 kb)

Moravets, F.L. 1932. Descriptive and cost report; McAllister Creek, Powwatka Ridge, and Wildcat Creek timber survey projects. 
Abstract | Wallowa13.pdf (92 kb)

Munger, T.T. 1909. Notes on brush disposal in eastern Oregon.
Abstract | Heppner3.pdf (22 kb)

Munger, T.T. 1909. Annual report of the section of silvics for District VI.
Abstract | Silvics1.pdf (55 kb)

Munger, Thornton T. 1910. Silvical problems of the northwest.
Abstract | Munger1910.pdf (93 kb)

Munger, T.T. 1911. Annual report to the forester (Chief of the U.S. Forest Service) for the section of silvics – District VI.
Abstract | Silvics2.pdf (82 kb)

Munger, T.T. 1912. Annual silvical report for District VI.
Abstract | Silvics3.pdf (94 kb)

Munger, T.T. 1912. The future yield of yellow pine stands in Oregon.
Abstract | Oregon2.pdf (115 kb)

Munger, Thornton T. 1913. Memorandum concerning the suitability of holding as national forest the lodgepole-covered pumice lands of Crook and Klamath Counties, Oregon.
Abstract | Deschutes2.pdf (54 kb)

Munger, T.T. 1914. Damage by light surface fires in western yellow-pine forests; Wallowa and Whitman National Forests. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters. 9: 235-238.
Abstract | Munger1914.pdf (204 kb)

Munger, Thornton T. 1917. Western Yellow Pine in Oregon
Abstract | Munger1917.pdf (4.91 mb)

Munger, T.T.; Westveld, R.H. 1931. Slash disposal in the western yellow pine forests of Oregon and Washington
Abstract | Munger1931.pdf (2.3 mb)

Munger, T.T.; Brandstrom, A.J.F.; Kolbe, E.L. 1936. Basic considerations in the management of ponderosa pine forests by the maturity selection system.
 Abstract | Munger et al 1936a.pdf (222kb) Memeographed Report (4 pages)
Munger et al 1936b.pdf (390 kb) Journal Article (2 pages)

O'Brien, Howard K. 1909. Umatilla National Forest inspection report.
Abstract | Umatilla2.pdf (159 kb)

Oregonian. 1906. Forest reserve created at last; President sets aside Blue Mountains for timber purposes.
Abstract | Bluemtn13.pdf (82 kb)

Parsons, Glenn B. 1948. Timber disposal plan for the Heppner Working Circle.
Abstract | Umatilla8.pdf (164 kb)

Pearson, G.A. 1907. Grazing lands by life zones.
Abstract | Wallowa5.pdf (98 kb)

Pernot, J.F. 1913. The insect situation in 1913 on the Whitman National Forest.
Abstract | Whitman10.pdf (26 kb)

Porter, Oliver M. 1915? The fire problem on the Malheur National Forest.
Abstract | Malheur2.pdf (146 kb)

Sampson, Arthur W. 1919. Effect of grazing upon aspen reproduction.
Abstract | Sampson.pdf

Sargent, Charles S. 1884. Forests of North America.
Abstract | Sargent1.pdf (8.55 mb)

Schmitz, J.M. 1906. Report on an examination of the proposed addition to Wenaha Forest Reserve, Oregon.
Abstract | Wenaha6.pdf (74 kb)

Schmitz, J. M. 1962. The early days of the Wenaha Forest Reserve.
Abstract | Schmitz 1962 .pdf (31 kb)

Smith, Kan; Weitknecht, Robert H. 1915. Windfall damage on cutover areas, Whitman National Forest.
Abstract | Whitman3.pdf (351 kb)

Smith, R.E. 1907. Mistletoe (Razoumofskya campglopoda) in the Blue Mountains (E) National Forest.
Abstract | Bluemtn7.pdf (56 kb)

Smith, R.E. 1910. Final report of insect control, for fall of 1910, ending November 19, 1910.
Abstract | Whitman9.pdf (29 kb)

Smith, R.E. Kan. 1912. Report on the present condition of insect infestation on the Whitman National Forest, Oregon.
Abstract | Whitman8.pdf (27 kb)

Sparhawk, W.N. 1918. Effect of grazing upon western yellow pine reproduction in central Idaho.
Abstract | Sparhawk1918.pdf (1.94 mb)

Spence, L.E.; White, W.T. 1935. Erosion range survey report, Squaw Creek watershed, Umatilla Indian Reservation, Umatilla County, Oregon.
Abstract | squawcreek.pdf (162 kb)

Starker, T.J. 1915. Recommendations for cutting inferior species on the Whitman National Forest, Oregon.
Abstract | Whitman7.pdf (23 kb)

Starker, T.J. 1916. Defectiveness of western yellow pine on the Whitman National Forest, Oregon.
Abstract | Whitman5.pdf (19 kb)

Starker, T.J. 1916. Instructions for marking timber in the western yellow pine region of the Pacific Northwest District.
Abstract | Whitman6.pdf (24 kb)

Steffen, E.H. 1917. Annual technical report: the forage acre.
Abstract | Wallowa4.pdf (66 kb)

Stevenson, George E. 1936. Report on appraisal of damages; Bowman-Hicks Lumber Company.
Abstract | Wallowa14.pdf (26 kb)

Stevenson, George E. 1937. Sale prospectus and timber appraisal report for the Camas Creek Unit.
Abstract | Umatilla13.pdf (337 kb)

Tucker, G.J. [Data unknown]. Historical notes on early day cordwood production in the Meacham area.
Abstract | Umatilla15.pdf (57 kb)

Tucker, Gerald J. 1940. History of the northern Blue Mountains.
Abstract | Umatilla16.pdf (998 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1908. General instructions for marking timber on the [blank] national forest; Engelmann spruce region.
Abstract | Marking1.pdf (24 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1908. General instructions for marking timber on the [blank] national forest; lodgepole pine region.
Abstract | Marking2.pdf (26 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1908. General instructions for marking timber on the [blank] national forest; western yellow pine region (northern division).
Abstract | Marking3.pdf (24 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1908. General instructions for marking timber on the [blank] national forest; western white pine region.
Abstract | Marking4.pdf (26 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1911. District Forester's annual report, fiscal year 1911, District 6.
Abstract | 1911rep1.pdf (135 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1911. Report of offices in District Office, District 6.
Abstract | 1911rep2.pdf (412 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1912. Instructions for making forest surveys and maps.
Abstract | forestsurveys.pdf (1.3 mb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1912. General instructions for marking timber on the [blank] national forest; yellow pine region, District VI.
Abstract | Marking5.pdf (14 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1913. Memorandum of general extent of insect infested areas on the various forests of District 6.
Abstract | Bluemtn15.pdf  (30 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1921. Sample range appraisal vegetative types east of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon and Washington
Abstract | Eastside1.pdf (3.29 mb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1922. Memorandum for Mr. Guthrie [Excerpts from "The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, USA"].
Abstract | Bluemtn14.pdf (46 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1924. Marking instructions for the larch-fir type, District 1.
Abstract | Marking6.pdf (16 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1932. Forest situation in the United States report to timber board
Abstract | USFS1.pdf (15.49 mb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1936. Forest Service map standards.
Abstract | mapstandards.pdf (559 kb)

USDA, Forest Service [Date Unknown]. Historical information on the Walla Walla District as obtained from the Up-to-the-Times publication.
Abstract | Umatilla23.pdf (48.1 kb)

USDA, Forest Service. 1948-1961. Brief history of early developments at Spout Springs Ski Area.
spout springs history.pdf (13 kb)

USDA, Forest Service; UDA, Bureau of Entomology. 1910-1911. Miscellaneous memoranda regarding an insect infestation, Whitman National Forest.
Abstract | Whitman4.pdf (1.44 mb)

Wakeman, William J. 1936. Report and accompanying appraisal of First National Bank of Heppner lands in Morrow County, Oregon.
Abstract | Umatilla14.pdf (90 kb)

Weidman, Robert H. 1920. A study of windfall loss of western yellow pine in selection cuttings fifteen to thirty years old.
Abstract | Bluemtn17.pdf (91 kb)

Weidman, Robert H. 1921. Forest succession as a basis of the silviculture of western yellow pine.
Abstract | Bluemtn16.pdf (111 kb)

Weigle, W.G.; Frothingham, E.H. 1911. The aspens: their growth and management.
Abstract | Weigle_1911.pdf (2.52 mb)

Weitknecht, Robert H. 1915. Frost damage to larch in the Blue Mountains.
Abstract | Bluemtn12.pdf (60 kb)

Weitknecht, Robert H. 1915. Progress report: methods of cutting yellow pine.
Abstract | Oregon3.pdf (1.2 MB)

Weitknecht, Robert H. 1916. Study of methods of cutting yellow pine in Oregon.
Abstract | Oregon4.pdf

Weitknecht, Robert H. 1917. Yellow pine management study in Oregon in 1916.
Abstract | Oregon5.pdf (839 kb)

Wernstedt, Lage.  1906.  A Favorable Report on a Proposed Addition to the Blue Mountains Forest Reserve
Abstract  |  Bluemtn3.pdf (73 kb)

Westveld, R.H. 1926. Preliminary report on brush disposal in the yellow pine region of Washington and Oregon.
Abstract | Wallowa15.pdf (4 mb)

Wickman, Boyd E. 2005. Harry E. Burke and John M. Miller, Pioneers in Western Forest Entomology
Abstract | GTR638a (1.68 mb) | GTR638b (2.93 mb) | GTR638c (1.45 mb) | GTR638d (2.36 mb)

Williams, Hubert C. 1912. Annual silvical report for the Idaho National Forest.
Abstract | Idaho1.pdf (109 kb)

Woolsey, Theodore S., Jr. 1911. Western yellow pine in Arizona and New Mexico.
Abstract | Woolsey_1911.pdf (4.78 mb)

Zon, Raphael; Cecil, George H.; Hopkins, A.D. 1909. Memoranda regarding identification of mountain pine beetle on the Wallowa National Forest.
Abstract | Wallowa8.pdf (21 kb)


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