Umatilla National Forest - Publications

Historic Documents

The Umatilla National Forest silviculture library has an archive of historical reference materials (photos, maps, and documents). With few exceptions, only items produced before 1950 are included in the history archive.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Reference Publications and Resources

Forest Vegetation Publications

  • Forest Density Management - Recent History and Trends for the Pacific Northwest Region
    Technical Publication R6-NR-TM-TP-05-01, September 2001, 22 p
    Download .pdf file (582 kb)
  • Forest Resources of the Umatilla National Forest
    Resource Bulletin PNW-RB-253, May 2007
    Download .pdf file (2.15 mb)
  • Potential Vegetation, Disturbance, Plant Succession, and Other Aspects of Forest Ecology
    F14-SO-TP-09-00, May 2000
    Download .pdf file (1.91 mb)
  • Recording the Changes: Field Guide to Establishing and Maintaining Permanent Camera Point Systems
    FS-14-SO-09-06, August 2006
    Download .pdf file (952 kb)
  • Suggested Stocking Levels for Forest Stands in Northeastern Oregon and Southeastern Washington:  An Implementation Guide for the Umatilla National Forest (pdf  11 mb)
  • Rating Forest Stands for Insect and Disease Susceptibility: A Simplified Approach (version 2)
  • Using Mathematics in Forestry Download .pdf file (366 kb)
  • Grass Cultivars: Their origins, development, and use on national forests and grasslands in the Pacific Northwest
  • Maps
  • Test Your Environmental IQ

Silviculture White Papers

Generally, white papers are internal reports and have received only limited review. Often, white papers describe a methodology, model, or procedure being used by Forest Service employees, such as local protocols for developing database applications or conducting environmental analysis. Viewpoints expressed in white papers are those of the authors, and do not necessarily represent positions of the USDA Forest Service.

 National Publications and other References

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