Culvert replacement to temporarily close a portion of Forest Service Road 2402

Release Date: Aug 1, 2017  

Contact(s): Darcy Weseman, (541) 278-3722

PENDLETON, Ore. – Construction work on a portion of Forest Service Road (FSR) 2402 at South Fork Big Wall Creek will begin next week.  The construction project, which is located 25 miles NE of Spray, is a continuation of on-going aquatic restoration work in the Wall Creek area.  South Fork Big Wall Creek is a perennial cold-water stream that is home to Mid-Columbia River steelhead and redband trout.

Henderson Logging, Incorporated will replace the stream crossing culvert at this location with a new 14-foot wide bottomless arch culvert that will allow for improved fish and aquatic organism passage and larger stream flow events to pass under the road without causing infrastructure damage. This bottomless arch culvert is anticipated to last 40 to 50 years. The construction work will require that a section FSR 2402 between FSR 2300 and FSR 2402060 will be periodically closed from Aug. 7, 2017 through Aug. 31, 2017, and will reopen once work is completed. Closure signs will be posted on FSR 2402 at the junction with FSR 2300 and on the FSR 2402 at the junction with FSR 2402060.

Henderson Logging will begin hauling heavy equipment and supplies in to FSR 2402 the week of Aug. 7 and construction activities will be ongoing for several weeks.  Please drive safely and defensively while traveling in this area.

For additional information on this project, please contact the Heppner Ranger District at (541) 676-9187.  For more information on the Umatilla National Forest, please visit us at