Voices from the Umpqua National Forest - Kelly Miller - Journal - 6/7/2012

Information AssistantHello! My name is Kelly Miller, and I just started my first job with the Forest Service. I’m stationed at the Supervisor’s Office in Roseburg, Oregon, headquarters for the Umpqua National Forest. I’ll be working in a temporary position in public affairs, writing articles and reports that will tell citizens about UNF activities and services. I just finished my first year of grad school, working toward my master’s in communications. I’m taking online classes through Bellevue University in Nebraska, so that I’m free to both study and work in fairly remote locations.

Even though my specialty is communications, I’ve been passionate about wildlife, conservation, and the outdoors all my life. That’s why I think I’ve found the perfect career here: I get to use my writing skills to educate and inform people about my interests. I’m also excited to be working with others here who feel the same way; there’s not a single person here who’s not thoroughly devoted to the Forest Service’s mission to “sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations.”

I moved here from Eugene to be close to my new job; I’ve only visited this area briefly a few times before, so I’m not yet very familiar with it. This weekend I plan to spend some of my free time exploring and getting to know the places I’ll be writing about in my work. I think I’ll start with some of the most popular sites first, and check out the more secluded areas in the future. I hope you’ll visit my blog again soon to follow my adventures and learn what I’ve been up to in my great new job!