Fire and Aviation Management

To report a wildfire, please note the location as best as you can and call 911.

Current Active Fires

Find current information and maps for wildland fires on the Umpqua National Forest by visiting InciWeb. View current emergency fire closure maps on our Alerts & Notices page.

Public Use Restrictions (PURs)

Public Use Restrictions are measures put in place to reduce the risk of a wildfire igniting. Restrictions can affect where you are allowed to smoke and use a generator, the types of roads you can travel on, and where – or even if - you are allowed to have a campfire.

For information on restrictions on private land protected by the Doulas Forest Protection Association, call their Closure Information Line at (541) 672-0379, or visit

Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPLs)

Industrial Fire Precaution Levels restrict permitted, commercial, and industrial operations on Forest Service lands during fire season, including timber sales and personal firewood cutting. Call (541) 957-3489 to learn the current IFPL.

  • Cottage Grove Ranger District – No IFPL (as of October 13, 12:01 a.m.)
  • Diamond Lake Ranger District - No IFPL (as of October 13, 12:01 a.m.)
  • North Umpqua Ranger District - No IFPL (as of October 13, 12:01 a.m.)
  • Tiller Ranger District - No IFPL (as of October 13, 12:01 a.m.)

Learn more about IFPLs and what activities they restrict.    

Fire Danger Rating: LOW

  • Learn more about what fire danger ratings signify.

Fire Prevention and Education

As Smokey Bear says, only YOU can prevent wildfires. Learn more about fire safety and prevention.  

Burned Area Emergency Response

The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) program is designed to address emergency situations that happen after fire burns the forest landscape. Key goals of the BAER program are protecting life, property, and critical natural and cultural resources.

  • Learn more about BAER programs on the Umpqua National Forest.


Fireworks and exploding targets are prohibited on National Forest lands. Some exceptions for fireworks may occur under a special use permit at the discretion of land managers and in strict accordance with fire prevention regulations.

Fire Employment

Find more information about fire-fighting and fire-related positions, both permanent and temporary job opportunities visit the Forest Service Fire & Aviation Management Employment web site.