Fire Activity on the South Umpqua Complex Prompts Temporary Closures within Umpqua National Forest

Release Date: Jul 24, 2018

Contact: Emily Veale, (541) 670-7248

An increase of wildfire activity on the South Umpqua Complex has prompted Umpqua National Forest officials to close the Cover Campground and portions of three roads on the Tiller Ranger District. Affected roads include Forest Road 32 from the junction of Forest Road 2301 by Drew Lake to Highway 227 (Tiller Trail Highway), Forest Road 1610 from the junction with spur roads 400 and 500 to the junction of Forest Road 31 east of Devil’s Knob, and Forest Road 1615 (south of Threehorn Campground).

As we continue into the summer there is a possibility of additional wildfires across the Umpqua National Forest. We appreciate the public’s understanding when closures are implemented across the districts. Forest managers are working to make the best decisions to provide for both public and firefighter safety while allowing for continued recreation opportunities. To keep up to date on current closures across the forest please visit:

Complete Closure List


Diamond Lake Ranger District closed trail consist of:

  • Boulder Creek Trail #1552 (from the intersection with Spring Creek)

The North Umpqua Ranger District closed trails consist of:

  • Bradley Ridge Trail #1551

Tiller Ranger District closed trails consist of:

  • Cow Creek Natioanl Recreation Trail #1424
  • Donegan Prairie Trail #1431


Tiller Ranger District road closures consist of:

  • Forest Road 6800
  • Forest Road 6800-700
  • Forest Road 6800-950
  • Forest Road 2925
  • Forest Road 2925-700
  • Forest Road 2925-800
  • Forest Road 2950
  • Forest Road 2947-330
  • Forest Road 2947-340
  • Forest Road 2700-870
  • Forest Road 2700-890
  • Forest Road 2700-928
  • Forest Road 2826-400
  • Forest Road 2826-500
  • Forest Road 2826-600
  • Forest Road 2938-808
  • Forest Road 32 from 3201 junction to Highway 227 (Tiller Trail Highway)
  • Forest Road 1610 from the 500/400 road junction to Forest Road 31 junction
  • Forest Road 1615