Umpqua National Forest Road Closures & Travel Precautions - Updated June 29

Contact: Susan Johnson, (541) 767-5031

Umpqua National Forest road managers report road conditions for forest visitors who take to the woods this July 4th weekend. The following is a list of roads by ranger district, that still have access restrictions due to snow as of June 29.

Diamond Lake Ranger District:

  • There is no access to Hwy 58 from Hwy. 138
  • Windigo Pass Forest Road 60 is closed beyond the 2612 junction
  • Toketee-Rigdon road is closed beyond the upper Thorn Prairie Road 3402
  • Copeland Creek Road 28 was plowed recently, however, two-wheeled drive and passenger vehicles are not recommended
  • Fish Creek Road 37 is open to the district boundary and may be plowed to Hwy 230 

North Umpqua Ranger District:

  • Canton Creek Road is open to Cottage Grove
  • Steamboat Creek Road 38 is closed
  • Portion of Windy Road 3831 on the Willamette National Forest is unknown
  • Hemlock Lake Road 27 not ploughed but may be clear of snow
  • Forest roads 4714 and 2703 are open
  • Forest roads 4770 and 4750 to the Twin Lakes trailheads are open

Other road related updates:

  • On the Tiller Ranger District there are two active timber sales with log hauling along
  • Forest Road 2980 (Zinc Creek), and Road 28 from the junction with 2980 (milepost 13.5) out to Tiller Trail Hwy. On Forest Road 28 (milepost 10.2), the Francis Creek Bridge will be repaved on July 6. Forest visitors can expect traffic delays of up to 20 minute for that day.
  • Logs trucks are hauling timber from private lands along Forest Road 3113. Expect log trucks along Road 3232 and 32 with logs being hauled out to Interstate 5.
  • On the Diamond Lake Ranger district, road work along Hwy. 138 will be suspended for the holiday from Friday July 1, thru Monday July 4. Work will resume on July 5 and occur thru July 8 as the contractor works between Mile Post 67.1 and Fish Creek Bridge.
  • Cottage Grove Ranger District currently has six active timber sale operations with log hauling occurring on Brice Creek, Forest Road 22, and from private lands off Forest Road 2200-734. 

Forest visitors are urged to use extreme caution when driving national forest roads. Drivers can expect rocks and downed trees on all roads this time of year especially with the large amount of snow that occurred this past winter. Generally drive forest roads at a speed no greater than 25-35 miles per hour on most of the roads; stay on your side of the road and be observant of road conditions. It is a good practice to take a shovel, warm clothing and extra food and water when driving in the forest at this time of year.

For more information please contact the local ranger district office.