Advisory Committees

Rogue-Umpqua Resource Advisory Committee (RAC)

Information about the Rogue-Umpqua RAC established by the Secure Rural Schools Act includes project submission form (229 KB RTF), funding summaries, project highlights, and links to more detail about both the Committee and the Secure Rural and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000. The Act is intended to create local jobs and accomplish restoration work on national forests using Title II dollars.

Project Highlights of funds approved for
Rogue-Umpqua Resource Advisory Committee for
Title II - Special Projects on National Forests

Note: Title II funds are authorized for projects that protect, restore, and enhance fish and wildlife habitat; improve the maintenance of existing Forest Service infrastructure; protect and enhance ecosystems on the national forests; and restore and improve land health and water quality. More information about these funds are located at Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act.

Status of 2014 Projects on the Umpqua National Forest:

Project County Funds Approved Status
Road Maintenance Douglas $179,654 Completed: 200 miles maintained; rock crushed; two major recreation routes repaired
Road & Bridge Maintenance Lane $28,296 Completed: 226 miles routine road maintenance; repaired major recreation route
Road Maintenance Jackson $4,250 Completed: 25 miles routine road maintenance; cleaned up illegal dumping of large tires
Fish Watch Douglas $21,786 Completed: Uniformed law enforcement presence in North and South Umqua River basins
Public Education Specialist Douglas $2,887 Completed: More than 300 people reached during 8 presentations or hikes
Buckeye-Zinc Salmon/Steelhead Restoration Douglas $36,000 Completed: 3 miles of instream restoration finished on Tiller Ranger District
Donegan Prairie Restoration Douglas $12,000 Ongoing: 35 meadow acres thinned; ready to burn piles
Upper Cow Creek Hazardous Fuels Douglas $34,304 Ongoing: Funds remain in agreement with Phoenix School for more thinning; funds leveraged to add to project
Cottage Grove Ranger District Campground and Recreation Rental Operations & Maintenance Douglas $10,000 Ongoing: 1-3 weekly cleanings completed; Funds remain to extend cleaning contract through Sept. 2015
Recreation Site Garbage Collection Lane $29,863 Ongoing: 26 service trips made to 7 recreation sites on Tiller Ranger District in 2014; contract will extend to 2015 season
Emerson Creek Bridge Cultural Resources Assessment Douglas $20,000 Ongoing: Archaeological testing is completed; analysis and written report in the hands of the contractor
Elk Creek/South Umpqua Salmon Restoration Project Douglas $50,000 Ongoing: 28 streams prioritized for restoration; 4 beavers translocated; sites identified for housing beavers – planting will take place in 2015
Fish Watch at Steamboat Creek Douglas $15,100 Ongoing: Camp in place 5/13-12/3/2014. No steelhead poaching. Small amount of funds remain for 2015.
Phoenix Youth Corps Douglas $30,000 Ongoing: Leveraged funds to hire 16 youth for 7 weeks; cleared brush, readied campgrounds, conducted plant surveys
Noxious Weed Control & Management Douglas $30,000 Ongoing: In 2014, treated brooms & other weeds on 180 acres along 146.8 miles of road; funds available for 2015 work
Douglas County Juvenile Work Crew Douglas $20,000 Ongoing: Funds available for future crew days
OYCC Wildlife Tech Cooperative Work Experience Douglas $20,000 Ongoing: Hired 6-person crew for 2015 season
Kennedy Conservation Corps Lane $23,000 Ongoing: 15 youth removed weeds, maintained trails in 2014; will use funding for botany work in 2015
Forest-wide Trail Maintenance with Northwest Youth Corps Douglas $30,000 Ongoing: 1,942 hours maintaining 18 miles trail & clearing 2 acres of noxious weeds; crew working ni 2015
Sheriff’s Work Crew Lane $14,603 Ongoing: Crews cleared noxious weeds & trails, maintained campsites & restored habitat
Martin Luther King Youth Services Lane $19,603 Ongoing: Youth crews cleared noxious weeds & trails, maintained campsites & restored habitat