Pine View Reservoir

[Photograph]:Pineview Reservoir

Quick Facts

  • Pineview Reservoir Port Ramp Marina located on the west shoreline is closed for the season.
  • The only overnight camping at Pineview Reservoir is at Anderson Cove Campground on the south shoreline. If you have questions about the campground, you can contact the campground concessionaire directly at (385) 273-1100.
  • Reservations must be made through or call 1-877-444-6777. Reservation will NOT be made directly with the campground managers.
  • No known water temperature measurements are kept for Pineview. Like any body of water, temperatures vary based on season and climate.
  • Boat rentals are available from the Concessionaire at Cemetery Point.
  • Dogs are welcome anywhere along the shoreline EXCEPT adjacent to the developed beaches at Cemetery Point, Middle Inlet, or Anderson Cove.
    Map of Pineview.
  • For more information on this as well as other recreation activities in the Ogden area, contact the Ogden Ranger District 507 25th Street, Ogden, Utah 802-625-5112
  • Pineview Reservoir is the busiest reservoir for it's size in the State of Utah. This is because of it's close proximity to Davis and Weber Counties population centers. You can leave your home and be at the water's edge within one-half hour. The scenery around Pineview is worth the visit. Seeing the mountains from the surface of the water is an experience to remember.
  • Boating laws are enforced by Weber County Sheriff Deputies. The ramps, campgrounds, and picnicgrounds are owned by the US Forest Service and operated under a special use permit issued to American Land and Leisure from Orem, Utah. The water levels and dam are owned and operated by the USDI Bureau of Reclamation and local irrigation companies.
  • Current Water Level: High Water mark is at 4,900 ft. elevation. On the Bureau of Reclaimation web page, find the correct date, subtract the current water level from 4,900 to determine how far the water has gone down.

[Photograph]:Port Ramp marinaPort Ramp Marina

The Port Ramp gate is closed for the season. The rationale for a gate being closed is to:

  • More effectively manage Port Ramp as a day use area that will be closed from 10pm to 6am.
  • More effectively monitor quagga mussel infestations by limiting boat access to the designated use hours.
  • Mitigate increasing vandalism occurring at the Port Ramp site by limiting use during designated hours.
  • Access to Pineview reservoir will be available at several other designated parking areas.

Located on the west shoreline of the reservoir, this is the most used launching facility. The road into the marina has a large Forest Service sign identifying the site immediately across Highway 158. The facility has a concrete ramp to launch boats and a large paved parking lot. It also has a gravel lot used as overflow parking. Port Ramp has a convenience dock for public use. A sewage dump station is located next to the two toilet buildings in the paved parking lot.

Season Passes : Season passes are available for purchase, please contact Utah Recreation Company at 385.273.1100 or go to Season passes will be also available for purchase at the locations - Anderson Cove Campground, Port Ram Marina and Cemetery Point Picnic Area.
Season Boat Launch Pass ( Pineview and Strawberry Reservoir Season Boat Launch Pass) $ 197.00
Season Day Use Pass ( Pineview Reservoir Day Use Pass) $180.00
Weekly Boat Launch Pass $75.00
Weekly Day Use Pass  $75.00

Next to the public docks is a gated section of docks for long-term storage of boats. This is operated by the concessionaire. The fenced in lot near the entry station is also for long-term boat storage. Contact the concessionaire for rental information.

Cemetery Point Marina

[Photograph]:Cemetery Point marinaCemetery Point Marina is located in the town of Huntsville. To access the facility, follow Highway 39 to the eastern side of Huntsville. Follow the signs to the swim beach and marina. Cemetery Point is at the end of the road thru Huntsville.

The marina is the first entryway to the left after the fee station. No trailers are allowed beyond this point because parking is tight in the beach area.

This marina is fairly simple with a small paved parking area, a larger gravel parking lot, and a small set of convienience docks.

Anderson Cove Campground Boat Ramp

On the south shore of the reservoir is Anderson Cove Campground. This recreation complex includes a shoreline campground with reservable individual campsites and two group sites, a day-use beach, and a boat ramp. Aconvenience dock is provided for public use.

Remember: Glass, fires, or camping is not allowed on the shoreline anywhere. Boats must be anchored at least 20 feet off the shore to stay overnight. These rules are to protect the quality of the water from the impacts of camping on the shoreline.

Numerous facilities around the 28 miles of shoreline offer many types of water-based recreation. This includes trailheads, fishing access, and beaches. The reservoir has buoys marking areas of the water surface designated with speed or boat restrictions. Please honor these buoy lines. Any type of vessel is allowed at Pineview but we discourage boats that are extremely large or speed boats. The reservoir is only 3,000 acres when full and those types of boats are out of place. We also limit the number of boats on the lake at one time at our ramps. This limit is based on the current water level and to make the boating safer for everyone. On the west shore near the narrow neck of the reservoir is an area designated for “no wake” boating. This allows many non-motorized boating uses like wake boarding or sail boating. This is where the wind tends to be more consistant. Access here is from the Pineview Trailhead which also serves as parking for the Skyline Trail and the Pineview West Trail which follows the shoreline for over three miles.

Fishing occurs nearly everwhere at the reservoir. There are many roadside parking areas all around the reservoir. Popular sites are in the shallow waters of the reservoir on the south-east or north-east sides. A “no wake” area has been designated for fishing in the waters just north of the Huntsville peninsula at the east shore (Spring Creek). Types of fish in Pineview are warm water species including the planted Tiger Muskie which are reaching record sizes. Check the State of Utah fishing regulations since there are size and quantity limits.

The reservoir has some great beaches. Cemetery Point is very popular and has picnic tables and paved parking. North of Huntsville is Middle Inlet beach which is good access but not as fancy as Cemetery Point. Anderson Cove Campground on the South shore has a beach area available for day-use.


Map of Pineview Reservoir



Map showing location of buoys at Pineview Reservoir

Key Contacts

Evanston Ranger District
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Evanston, WY 82930
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Heber-Kamas Ranger District
Heber Office
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Kamas Office
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PO Box 68
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Logan Ranger District
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Mountain View Ranger District
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Ogden Ranger District
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Pleasant Grove Ranger District
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Salt Lake Ranger District
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Spanish Fork Ranger District
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