Spring Conditions On The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Release Date: May 9, 2018  

Contact(s): KJ Pollock (801) 558-8016


SALT LAKE CITY, May 4, 2018 –Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest officials are advising recreationists that forest roads and trails are muddy and wet, and snow- covered at higher elevations. Saturated soils can cause unstable conditions, rock slides, slumps, and erosion which present hazards to visitors. Public health and safety are a priority for the Forest, which may necessitate road closures or delayed openings of campgrounds, trails, and recreation areas.

Hikers should exercise good judgment in assessing trails and refrain from using trails when muddy conditions prevail. Consider the potential damage to trails when planning your visits after heavy precipitation. This caution applies to all user groups, motorized and non-motorized for roads, and trails. All users have the ability to cause damage to trail surfaces and corridors.

Visitors should use extreme caution where water is flowing across roads and around fast moving streams or rivers. Flood water, resulting from snow melt in mountain streams, is extremely cold and fast moving. Streams and rivers carry hidden debris such as logs and rocks, and are filled with heavy silt, creating hazardous conditions. Parents should keep children and pets close-by away from the dangers of fast moving water. For the most current updates call your local Forest Service office, or visit https://www.fs.usda.gov/uwcnf

Mill Hollow Road Heber-Kamas Ranger District

Photo showing wet muddy conditions on Mill Hollow Road Heber-Kamas Ranger District
Entrance into Cedar Hollow Road
Heber-Kamas Ranger District

This photo shows the muddy conditions entrance into Cedar Hollow Road Heber-Kamas Ranger District
Provo River Heber-Kamas Ranger District

This photo shows how fast and high the Provo River is running Heber-Kamas Ranger District