Logan Ranger District Continues To Implement Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project

Contact(s): Kathy Jo Pollock 801-558-8016

The Logan Ranger District of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest plans to continue to implement the habitat restoration project that would treat juniper in Green Canyon, Providence Canyon and Logan Dry Canyon starting Wednesday, April 24, 2019. 

The entire project area is about 1333 acres (123 acres in Green Canyon, 1000 acres in Right Hand Fork and 210 acres in Temple Fork) on National Forest System (NFS) lands. 

Handcrews will be used to lop and scatter the juniper, or in areas of dense vegetation pile the cut material to be burned later. To restore browse species in some areas Mountain Big Sage, Antelope Bitterbrush, snowberries and mahogany may be planted or seeded. 

Historically, these canyons wintered large numbers of mule deer.  These canyons are especially important for the survival of wintering mule deer because the majority of the winter range is located on private land and have been lost or are currently threatened by increased cultivation and subdivision developments. (Cache Deer Herd Unit Management Plan, UDWR) The number of mule deer wintering within the sagebrush and bitterbrush on the foothills of these canyons have declined for at least two decades, indicating the need for the remaining habitat to be in as highest quality as possible through preservation and enhancement. The potential causes of habitat decline are droughts, fire exclusion, an increase in the number of junipers and competition from non-native grass species. 

Managing for healthy big game starts with managing for healthy habitats.  By using a mechanical treatment to selectively thin juniper stands it will encourage growth of forbs, grasses, and shrubs that are critical to wintering deer and numerous other wildlife species.  This will also maintain beneficial shrub cover and perennial grasses in the treatment area.  Action taken now will help maintain these habitats for the future.  Similar projects will be completed this year in Temple Fork and near Hardware Ranch.
Photos shows Three Canyon Juniper Treatment Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project on Logan