Mount Naomi

Specific Area Information

Location: Northern Utah, northeast of Logan, Utah
USGS Quad: Naomi Peak, Tony Grove Peak and Mount Elmer
Difficulty: Moderate to severe with elevations rising to more than 9,900 feet.
Use: Frequent year round, especially on weekends and holidays.

About the Area

With spectacular alpine scenery, Mount Naomi Wilderness lies between the Logan River and the Utah-Idaho state line. It comprises approximately 44,523 acres. At 9,980 feet, Naomi Peak, near the eastern boundary, is the area's highest point, although this mountainous country contains several other peaks towering above 9,000 feet. On the western side, there are many deep, scenic canyons.

Wildflowers carpet the large mountain meadows during summer blooms, and several flowers are unique to this region. You'll find large populations of moose, elk, and deer, and beavers that are well established in several streams. The area is often used for hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, snow shoeing, and back country skiing.

Trails meander up the major canyons on the western side of the wilderness from trailheads near U.S. Highway 91. The trails join with others to link the area to U.S. Highway 89. Mount Naomi Wilderness has about 12 system trails totaling approximately 73 miles, including the Mount Naomi National Recreation Trail.

When traveling in the Mt. Naomi Wilderness Area, please adhere to the regulations below:

  • All campsites must be greater than 200 feet away from water sources, trails and other occupied campsites.
  • All litter must be carried out. Do not bury anything other than human waste, which should be buried 6".
  • Horses may be tethered for no more than 1 hours within 200 feet of any water source.
  • Horses may not be tied to any tree for more than 1 hour and must be moved sooner if damage is occurring.
  • All feed and hay taken onto National Forest land must be tagged as "Certified Weed Free" by the county extension agent.
  • Campfires are prohibited where firewood supply is depleted, when fire building threatens wilderness qualities, or for public safety.
  • Groups entering the wilderness must be no larger than 10 people. Groups exceeding the size limit must separate into groups of 10 or less and remain at least 1/2 mile apart on trails and while camping.
  • Dogs are permitted; domestic stock is limited to 14 per party.
  • Maximum of 14 consecutive nights at an individual site.

For further information, please contact the Logan Ranger District at (435) 755-3620
or the Public Lands Information Center at (801) 466-6411.