Hells Canyon National Recreation Area Comprehensive Management Plan

Open grassy ridge with Snake River in background


The Hells Canyon National Recreation Area (NRA) Comprehensive Management Plan was completed in July 2003. This extensive document directs resource management activities such as project implementation, facility operations and maintenance, and monitoring.




Documents for the Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf format). Some of the documents are not available at this time. Due to their large size, they are being scanned and will be included in electronic format once they are completed.


Document File Size (KB)
 Executive Summary 1,132
 Summary- Final Environmental Impact Statement  2,531
 Record of Decision - July 21, 2003 1,561
 Final Environmental Impact Statement  
 Management Plan,  Errata -1 106
 Management Plan,  Errata - 2 198
   Cover page  211
   A - Principal Legislation  511
   A - 1855 Treaty with Nez Perce 148
   B - Issues Raised but not Included in Detailed Analysis  217
   C1 - Detailed Management Direction  3,113
   C2 - Recreation Management Direction  399
   C3 - Recreation Management Direction by Alternative 1,263
   C4 - Crieria for rating Human-caused Impacts to Landscape Character 200
   C5 - Visitor Management Strategies 165
   C6 - Facilities Management Direction 701
   C7 - Facilities with Water Rights or Water Developments 377
   C8 to C20 - Forested Vegetation Management Direction 733
   C21 to C25 - Wildland Fire Management Policy 315
   D - Detailed Analysis Information - Recreation Resources 1,329
   E - Heritage Resources- Risk Factor Analysis 758
   F - Monitoring and Evaluation 695
   G - Detailed Vegetation Data 921
   H - Outfitter and Guide Operating Guidelines 260
   I - Wallowa County Alternative 600
   J - Native Ecosystem Alternative 672
   J - Attachment to Alternative N 281
   K - Wild Rapid River Resource Assessment 293
 Public Comments