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Travel Management Plan Content Analysis - May 20, 2013

Content Analysis Press Release - May 20, 2013

Travel Management Plan Newsletter - March 1, 2013

Travel Management Plan Press Release - March 1, 2013


The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest has been working on building the Travel Management Plan for the Forest, per the direction in the 2005 Travel Management Rule. It is critical to the success of the Travel Management Plan that the Forest Service works collaboratively with local communities, interest groups, Tribes, other agencies, and Wallowa-Whitman employees, while also adhering to local, state and federal regulations and caring for the land.


Beginning in 2007, land managers on the Wallowa-Whitman and others interested in the forest have been working together to create a Travel Plan that will work for the Forest and the people of Northeast Oregon. In February 2012, a Record of Decision that contained the Selected Alternative was released and subsequently withdrawn in April 2012.


The Forest Service is dedicated to building a Travel Plan that engages everyone, meets the needs of our communities and public, and cares for the land. The path forward will be transparent and understood, and decisions will be shaped by discussions in an open forum. At this time, the path forward is not clear but it will include input from all interested parties to help define that path forward and develop any new alternatives or alter existing alternatives. No timeframe has been established because these discussions will take some time in order to ensure sound decisions are made and supported in the future.


The Wallowa-Whitman and its leadership thank you for your continued interest in this amazing forest and we look forward to working with you over the next year in crafting a travel plan for the Wallowa-Whitman. Thanks!


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