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I think we're fireproof now. If a fire comes through, it's just going to burn minimally on the ground. - Dave Mellinger  (photos on Flickr)


If you didn't clean up some of the fuels, the fire would just spread and everything would be gone. - Shelly Gray  (photos on Flickr)


They helped me take care of the land and clean it up and manage it - it’s unbelievable. It’s better than I could do myself.  - Bill Loennig


Just by opening the canopy of the trees, you bring tremendous benefits to the land.  - Tim Fisher




*NEW! News Release: East Face Project signed and ready for implementation (8/5/2016)

News Release: Assistance available to Baker, Union woodland owners to reduce wildfire risk (3/9/2016)

News Release: East Face Project Nears Completion of the Planning Process (2/18/2016)

News Release: NRCS invests $705K this year to reduce wildfire threat (12/03/2015)

News Release: East Face Vegetation Management Project Environmental Analysis Ready for Public Comments (10/07/2015)

News Release: East Face Vegetation Management proposal released for comment (1/22/2015)

News Release: NRCS invests $1.4 million to reduce wildfire threat along East Face of the Elkhorn Mountains (12/8/2014)

News Release: "All Hands, All Lands" Restoration Project Underway (6/23/2014)

Private Landowners Assistance; Application Information

  • The NRCS and Oregon Department of Forestry have entered into a partnership to support private landowners work related to forest stand improvement practices in the East Face area.

  • Private landowners interested in participating in this project to improve forest health and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire on private lands can find out more information by visiting the Natural Resources Conservation Service website.

All hands, All Lands; Background information

The 47,000+ acre planning area, located on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, encompasses 1,224 acres of BLM land, is immediately adjacent to 4,000+ acres of the State of Oregon managed Elkhorn Wildlife Management Area and more than 20 miles of shared boundary with private (industrial, non-industrial and residential) lands. This project encourages partnerships and collaboration, as it straddles two counties (Union and Baker) two ranger districts (La Grande and Whitman), and borders private land.  Additionally, cooperative planning efforts occurring with BLM will culminate in a decision covering these Federal lands.

  • The East Face Project spans three identified Wildland Urban Interface areas (WUI) with an additional WUI being developed to as part of Union County CWPP revision.

  • This project will contribute to the local and regional employment and economies through contract work and commodity outputs.

  • The East Face Project is an opportunity to recognize and support tribal treaty rights and traditional cultural practices.

  • The project will change fire behavior to protect High Use Recreation Areas – Anthony Lakes, Pilcher Creek, Wolf Creek, Roadless/Backcountry Opportunities.

  • The project will create strategic areas to aid firefighters in preventing wildfires from entering or exiting Beaver Creek Municipal Watershed for the City of La Grande by using Cohesive Wildfire Strategy principals along a portion of the watershed boundary.

  • The area is an important viewshed - visual backdrop for Baker and Powder River Valleys.

  • The East Face project supports Public and Firefighter Safety.

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