Boater's Guide Map 9 Feature Descriptions

*Identifies major rapids of Class III and above.

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176.0 China Garden Creek
Formerly known as the Madden Ranch, this area is currently owned by The Nature Conservancy.

176.0 OR/WA State Line
The state line is also the northern boundary of the HCNRA.

176.3 Historical Note. Stone House
About 300 yards from the river on the Idaho side there's an interesting stone house. Homesteaders in Hells Canyon sometimes built such cabins because wood was scarce.

176.8 Lower Cache Creek
Beach, no water or shade, small low-water site; small group.

177.0 Cache Creek Ranch (Administrative Site)
Northern entry to HCNRA-permit station, staffed year round. Visitor information and interpretive exhibits. Communications available-report fires and emergencies here. Day use only: shade, picnic tables, toilets. The large orchard provides fruit for visitors and attracts wildlife.

177.0 Historical Note: Cache Creek Ranch
Named by A.C. Smith who, while traveling to the 1876 treaty council at Lapwai, Idaho, found caches left by Indians on a bar near the creek's mouth. By 1913, Guy Huffman had homesteaded here. He partnered with his brother-in-law, Jay Dobbin until the 1930s, when Guy sold out. Cache Creek was part of the 10,000-acre Snake River holdings of the Dobbin and Huffman Sheep Co. They ran about 28,000 sheep.

177.7 Upper Cache Creek
Good landing, sandy beach, pack to bench from river; large group.

177.8 Historical Note- Sheep Shearing Sheds
The large sheep shearing sheds on the bar were part of the Dobbin and Huffman Sheep Co. holdings. The names of many members of shearing crews from the 1 920s and 1930s have been written on the east wall of the shed with branding paint.

176.1 Garden Creek
Beach, shade, small low-water site; small group.

176.2 Cochran Island
Float camp only due to shallow river approach. Secluded, shade, no water; large group.

176.6 Historical Note: Coon Hollow
Humorous signs and "museum" of flotsam-items that washed up in the big eddy at Coon Hollow-make this a fun and interesting stop.

176.6 Coon Hollow
Some shade; large group.

179.9 Upper Cougar Bar
Beach, no water or shade, low-water site; medium group.

180.2 Scenic River Boundary
This is the lower end of the scenic portion of the Snake River in Hells Canyon. The river from here north to the Hells Canyon NRA boundary at the WA/OR state line has been recommended for scenic designation.

180.9 Lower Cottonwood Creek
Water, sandy beach; large group.

181.0 Historical Note: lmnaha Boiler
A boiler, possibly from the steamboat Imnaha, is embedded in the sandbank on the upriver side of the creek.

181.0 Geology Note: Limestone
Light gray limestone is steeply dipping and folded. This limestone formed in quiet sea water as the volcanic platform subsided about 220 million years ago.

181.3 Upper Cottonwood Creek
Water, shade, beach; large group.

181.5 Cactus Bar
Good landing, beach, no water; medium group.

181.6 Meat Hole
Beach, no water, small low-water site; small group.

182.0 Lower Jim Creek
Sandy beach, shade; large group.

182.2 Historical Note.- Jim Creek
This creek is named for French-Arnerican Jim Gaillard, who homesteaded about 2-3 miles from the river. This site was also the location of the Treasure Group copper claims in the early 1900s. The small building near the river was a grain and supply storage shed where the mailboat could leave deliveries for the Jim Creek Ranch.

183.0 Sentinel Rock
Low water camp, sandy beach, no water; medium group.

183.4 Cook Creek
Sandy beach, water; medium group.

184.6 Geneva Bar
Sand and rock beach, no water; large group.

185.3 Historical Note: Cherry Creek Falls, Cherry Creek Ranch
Scenic little waterfall at the mouth of Cherry Creek. In 1848, Jay Dobbin sold the Cherry Creek Ranch, located about 2 miles up the creek, to three of his Basque sheepherders. Seberino "Silver" Egana, Gus Malaxa, Toney Martiartu and later a fourth partner, Joe Onaindia ran the ranch until 1973.

185.9 Cave Cove
Sand beach, rock overhang provides shade, no water; medium group.