Boater's Guide Map 7 Feature Descriptions

*Identifies major rapids of Class III and above.

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196.6 Dug Bar Landing
Primitive boat launch area, high-clearance 4WD road access. Toilet, no water; rnedium group.

196.7 Geology Note: Bonneville Flood
Gray gravels, deposited by the Bonneville Flood, are visible on the hillside about 200 feet above the river on the ID side.

196.7 Historical Note: Nez Perce Crossing
In the spring of 1877, the Nez Perce bands from the Wallowa Valley were ordered by the U.S. Government to leave their homeland and go to the reservation in Lapwai, ID. They crossed the river safely with their families, all their belongings, horses and cattle at Dug Bar in full spring flood .

198.1 Dug Creek
Water, small site; small group.

198.4 Robinson Gulch
Shade, no water; large group.

199.2 Historical Note: Massacre of Chinese Miners, Deep Creek
In May of 1 887, a band of outlaws tortured and murdered 31 Chinese rnin- ers at the mouth of Deep Creek for the gold believed to be hidden in their camp. Three men stood trial for the atrocities but none were convicted. No one was ever punished for the crime. Two stone walls against a rock out- crop are all that remain of the Chinese camp.

199.2 Deep Creek
Low water site, poor landing. Pull in near creek and carry gear over boul- ders 20 yards to site on upstream side of creek.

201.9 Bar Creek
Poor powerboat site, water dries up, shade; large group.

204.5 Bob Creek
Sandy beach, no water, shade; large group.

205.0 Geology Note: Columbia River Basaits
At this point, flows of the Columbia River Basalt can be seen at river level. The distinctive columnar joints formed during the cooling of the rnolten lava.

205.4 Historical Note: Copper Bar
Also known as Rankin Bar, for Billy Rankin who discovered copper on Copper Mountain in 1900. He filed a claim and built a stone cabin about 3/4 mile up Copper Creek. Rankin worked his claim for many years but never struck it rich. His 2nd cabin, built in the 1930s on Copper Bar, became the mess hall of the resort run by boatman Dick Rivers in the 1950s.

205.4 Copper Creek Resort
Lodge, cabins under special use permit; not available for camping.

208.0 Lookout Creek
Shallow landing, no water, some shade; large group.