Grande Tour Route

Large wheat harvested field in Grande Ronde Valley with rainbow in backgroundThe Grande Tour Route is an Oregon state designated scenic byway. The 80-mile loop takes you through sections of the Grande Ronde and Powder River valleys and along the western edge of the Wallowa Mountains. As you travel you can enjoy the agricultural and historical sites of the valley, and visit Birnie Park which was a resting spot for Oregon Trail travelers before they crossed the Blue Mountains.


Many recreational opportunities are also available along the way, including Picninking, fishing, camping, and hiking. Special points of interest include the Hot Lake Springs, Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area and Catherine Creek State Park.

The entire route may take 4-5 hours so before you go download the colorful 2 page overview of route. This "Grande Tour Route" (359 KB) driving guide is available on line from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

More information about the Grande Ronde Tour Route can be found at the National Scenic Byway Program website.