Wild and Scenic Lostine River

Wild and scenic Lostine River flowing through a pine and fir tree forest


Originating at Minam Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, the Wild and Scenic Lostine River flows for 16 miles down the canyon to the Forest boundary. Inside of the wilderness, the river follows trail #1620 up to Minam Lake. Once outside of the wilderness, there are several campgrounds, forest camps, trailheads and picnic areas to enjoy by the river.



The Wild and Scenic Lostine River was congressionally designated in 1988 under the Oregon Omnibus Rivers Act (P.L. 100-557). A total of 5 miles was designated as 'wild' and 11 miles as 'recreation' river.  Current management of the river is directed with the 1993 Lostine Wild and Scenic River Management Plan. The river plan identified outstandingly remarkable values for the river as; scenery, recreation, fisheries, wildlife, and vegetation/botany.

Main Recreation and Access Points

Some of the main recreation sites and access points along the river include:


The Lostine River is located on the north side of the Eagle Cap Wilderness along the Lostine Canyon Corridor. The corridor is 17 miles west of Enterprise and Joseph, Oregon, and 62 miles northeast of La Grande, Oregon.

River Management

The Wild and Scenic Lostine River is managed by the following 1993 River Management Plan, Decision Notice, Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Environmental Assessment;

For More Information

More information about the Wild and Scenic Lostine River can be found at the national Wild and Scenic Rivers website.