Kirkwood Ranch

Old ranch house located along the Snake RiverThe Kirkwood Historic Ranch was established in 1855 first as a cattle ranch and then as a major sheep operation. As a large ranch along the river it had a 2 story ranch house, bunkhouse, corrals, pastures, hay fields, irrigation ditches, fruit orchards and other out-buildings. A historical overview of the ranch from the 1800s includes many owners including Len Jordan, who later became Governor of Idaho and a U.S. Senator.

Visitors today can access the ranch during their trip along the Wild and Scenic Snake River or by hiking in from Pittsburg Landing on the Snake River National Recreation Trail. Once there they can enjoy a taste of canyon life in the 1930s by wandering around the sites and viewing the original Jordan ranch house, the Sterling cabin bunkhouse and other structures.  Inside of the Sterling cabin bunkhouse is a small museum with ranch and Native American history.