Valuing People and Places - For the Greatest Good

Forest Service employee helping visitors with a mapSince 2010, the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest has been priviliged to be a part of the regional 'Valuing People and Places' Field Ranger program.  The program focuses on connecting visitors with their National Forests in special places across Oregon and Washington. For the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest that special place for many visitors is the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. This summer the program will again support a group of energetic and friendly field going rangers to help visitors learn about Hells Canyon and discuss why it provides for the Greatest Good for all visitors and local communities.

The Field Ranger program

 Where will the Field Rangers be?

Forest Service employee talking with visitors at scenic overlookAs in past years, the field rangers will be visiting popular locations in both Idaho and Oregon and along the Snake River. They like to go where our visitors are! You may encounter them at Hells Canyon Overlook or Joseph Canyon Overlook, floating down the Snake River (in a boat), at the Hells Canyon Creek Visitor Center or at wandering around one of the local community festivals.  Each year they get the privilege to talk to thousands of visitors.  


Have a story or comment for us?

Forest Service river ranger talking with a man on a boat rampThe program isn't only about the field rangers meeting and helping you. It is about hearing your story and why the National Forests and the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area are special to you.

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