Taking Wing

Taking Wing is a partnership program with over 14 years of experiences and accomplishments in building, maintaining, and enhancing partnerships dedicated to the needs of waterfowl and wetland-dependent wildlife. 

downloadable brochure on wetlands on the Wayne NF

The primary type of wetland that occurs on the Wayne National Forest is known as a floodplain wetland.  These wetlands were seasonally inundated as a result of stream flooding.  Water stored on the floodplain would slowly soak back into the ground, but small depressions on the floodplain led to areas that held water for longer periods of time.  Mosaics of wetland soils resulted from years and years of seasonal flooding.

Sign at Superior Wetland

Because of their gentle topography, floodplains were valued by southeastern Ohio settlers for raising agricultural crops.  Many floodplain wetlands were ditched or drained with tiles to enhance production of crops.  Over the years, the Wayne National Forest has acquired lands that were tiled or ditched and has restored or enhanced wetland habitat along streams like Sand Fork, Pine Creek, and the Little Muskingum River.  In 1999, the National Taking Wing Award was presented to the Wayne National Forest, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and Ducks Unlimited for the Superior Wetland partnership project. 

Old railroad beds that criss-cross portions of the Wayne National Forest are located in floodplain areas.  In some cases, these old railroad lines have affected the hydrology of the floodplains and permanent wetlands have resulted.  Tansky's Marsh was recently acquired by the Wayne National Forest through a land exchange with the city of New Straitsville, Ohio.

Sand Fork Wetland

We cannot forget the ultimate wetland engineer - the beaver!  Beaver populations have increased over the years, and so have beaver wetlands.  At times, beavers and their wetlands come into conflict with Wayne National Forest neighbors and visitors - roads and private property can be flooded if the beaver constructs its dam in the wrong place. The Big Bailey Wetland project, completed in December 2003 in partnership with the Athens County Engineers Office, resulted in the protection of both an Athens County Road and a large beaver wetland. 

Sand Fork Wetland pools

A wetland brochure has been developed to highlight the wetlands on the Wayne National Forest. It can be downloaded or requested from any Forest office.

Sand Fork Wetland pool and marshland.