Administrative Change 10 Public Notification

The Wayne National Forest (WNF) has completed Administrative Change #10 to the 2006 Land and Resource Management Plan (aka Forest Plan) to address utility corridor development under the scope of the Forest Plan.  Appendix D to the Forest Plan, titled Federally Listed Species/Regional Forester Sensitive Species, contains a table of incidental take activities (under heading “i”) and a table of anticipated activities (under heading “ii”, pp. D-11 and 12) that could be implemented under the Forest Plan.  The proposed Buckeye Xpress Pipeline Replacement Project, if approved, would disturb about 245 acres of National Forest System lands on the Ironton Ranger District of the WNF, which is greater than the amount anticipated for utility corridor development.  In addition, the WNF has clarified with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) how utility corridors should be considered for the purposes of Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation and coordination that results in a change in Appendix D and Appendix B (titled Proposed/Probable Practices; Good to be Produced). 

The change was made to the Forest Plan in order to move forward with the proposed project.  This type of change can be made using the administrative change process.  Administrative changes are defined at 36 CFR 219.3(c) (2012 Planning Rule), and include the following:

  1. Corrections of clerical errors,
  2. Changes to ensure conformance with new statutory or regulatory requirements, and
  3. Changes to other content in the Plan (219.7(f)).

Administrative changes do not require a Forest Plan amendment or revision, do not require the preparation of a document under Forest Service National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) procedures, and may be made at any time following public notice (36 CFR 219.16(c)(6)).

Appendix D and Appendix B are “other content” as displayed in number 3 above; therefore, they were altered using an administrative change.  Through this process the WNF:

  1. Increased the utility corridor development acres that are within the scope of the Forest Plan to 500 acres,
  2. Removed the words “and maintenance”  and changing “miles” to “acres” in regards to the utility corridor development category in Appendix D, and
  3. Added utility corridor development, with the associated 500 acres, to Appendix B in the Forest Plan, while specifying in Appendix D that utility corridor development for Endangered Species Act coordination includes only 50 acres of “small scale” activities.

A notice to the public was placed on the WNF webpage on May 17, 2019 to inform the public that the WNF was working to make this change.  This administrative change, the previous administrative changes, and the updated Forest Plan are posted on the Wayne National Forest webpage (