Storied Hills: The Wayne National Forest

A Virtural Tour of Wayne National Forest

If you visit the Wayne National Forest today, you’ll find hills covered in forests, deep hollows with winding streams, and an abundance of animals big and small that call this land home. But if you dig a little deeper, and look a little closer, you’ll soon discover these hills hold stories—stories of change, challenges, and resilience. 

We have developed an educational product that uses a platform called ArcGIS StoryMaps that explores some of these stories. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about your national forest, and to really dig deeper into what makes the Wayne National Forest unique, this story map is for you!     

This story map is designed as a virtual tour that highlights 33 locations across the three units of this national forest. It examines the land’s past and how it impacts the present, some of the challenges and opportunities the Wayne National Forest faces today, and how the Forest Service stewards manage the land for present and future generations. 

This is a longer, in-depth feature that goes beyond the surface to give you a deeper understanding of your national forest. It is best viewed using a desktop computer or laptop, but it can also be viewed using a mobile device. We hope that you walk away from this story map with a newfound sense of appreciation and understanding of your Wayne National Forest and its complex history.  

So join us as we look at the storied hills of the Wayne National Forest! 

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