Initial Wilderness Inventory

The Wayne National Forest has released an initial inventory of lands potentially suitable for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System. We are seeking input and knowledge of the inventory areas shown on the attached maps. The inventory is the first step in a wilderness evaluation process required of all national forests that are revising their forest plan.


Wilderness & National Forests from Your Forests Your Future on Vimeo.


Intial Inventory Documents


Wilderness Inventory Purpose

The purpose of the inventory is to systematically take stock of the lands of the Wayne National Forest to identify areas that meet criteria related to size, roads, and other improvements. The inventory is not a recommendation for wilderness designation, and inclusion in the inventory does not  convey or require a particular kind of management.

Input can include your on-the-ground or historical knowledge about these areas, information you might have that would be relevant to the question of whether the area has wilderness characteristics, or other details you think would be valuable to the wilderness inventory and evaluation process. We also want to hear your opinions about the process we used to develop the list, and how it could be improved.


Submitting your Input

If you are interested in helping out with the wilderness inventory and evaluation, please review the PowerPoint presentation describing the inventory process and study the maps displaying the inventory units. Let us know if you think there are areas we missed or areas we included that should not be considered further. You can provide feedback using the Excel spreadsheet of inventory units, by letter, phone call, email, or in person.