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Wild and Scenic River Evaluation

In conjunction with forest plan revision, the Wayne National Forest is working on an evaluation of streams and rivers on the forest to identify unique, rare, or exemplary river-related features. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and the 2012 Planning Rule require national forests undergoing plan revision to “identify the eligibility of rivers for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.”


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In order to identify eligible rivers, the Wayne National Forest has compiled an initial list of named streams flowing wholly or partially on National Forest System lands. The next step is to identify segments of these streams that are free-flowing and that may possess ‘outstandingly remarkable values’. We are seeking input and knowledge of the streams included on the list below.

Wild and Scenic Rivers Documents


Purpose of the Wild and Scenic River Evaluation

The purpose of the Wild and Scenic River Evaluation is to conduct a thorough inventory of the rivers and streams on the Wayne National Forest and to identify rivers that are outstanding on a regional scale. Potentially eligible rivers may be notable for scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, historic, cultural or other river-related values. If the Wayne National Forest, with the help of public participation, identifies a river with these qualities, it can be recommended for designation as a Wild and Scenic River. Ultimately, Congress has the authority to determine whether or not the river will be included in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.   


Submitting Your Input

If you are interested in helping out with the Wild and Scenic Rivers evaluation, please review the PowerPoint presentation describing the process and the steps that were taken to compile the initial list of streams. The list includes over 350 streams, so you may not know all of them, but your favorite stream to fish, paddle, bird, or hike along may be included. The list is organized by the three management units of the Wayne (Athens, Ironton, and Marietta) and includes the name of the stream’s watershed and the USGS quadrangle map(s) in which it is located. We invite you to share your on-the-ground or historical knowledge of these streams, along with any other information that may be relevant to whether the stream should be recommended for a designation. You can provide feedback using the Excel spreadsheet stream list, by letter, phone call, email, or in person.