Plan Revision Draft Assessment


The Wayne National Forest’s Draft Assessment and supplemental reports were released on January 24, 2020, and a public review period followed. The public review period was originally 45 days, but was extended by two weeks by Forest Supervisor Carrie Gilbert. The extended 60-day review period ended on Monday, March 23, 2020.

The release of the Draft Assessment and supplemental reports is a milestone in the first phase of the forest plan revision process. The forest plan lays out the big picture that helps direct where and under what conditions an activity can occur on National Forest System lands. The forest plan is regularly revised to keep up with changing conditions. To learn more about the forest plan revision process, and the Wayne National Forest as a whole, view the Forest Plan Revision at the Wayne National Forest story map.

Forest plan revision is a three-phase process:

  1. Assessment
  2. Plan Development
  3. Implementation and Monitoring

The Wayne National Forest is currently in the assessment phase of this process. The goal of this phase is to rapidly evaluate the current ecological, economic, and social conditions and trends in the Wayne National Forest and southeastern Ohio using already existing information. 


Document Organization

Eleven documents have been released: the Draft Assessment and ten draft supplemental reports. The Draft Assessment is the focal point of this release. This document lays out the findings from the rapid evaluation of current ecological, economic, and social conditions and trends. The supplemental reports include additional information required by the 2012 planning rule and support findings and data identified in the Draft Assessment.

Keep in mind that the Draft Assessment is meant to be broad in nature and not all-encompassing. This rapid evaluation is intended to focus on conditions that have changed since the last forest plan was released in 2006. The Wayne National Forest Assessment Questions and Answers document provides additional information on frequently asked questions about the assessment process on the Wayne National Forest.

A cover letter from Forest Supervisor Carrie Gilbert announces the release of the draft documents and how to provide feedback.

To help you look through these documents, please view our Forest Plan Revision Newsletter Issue #2. This issue of our newsletter provides an overview of what the Draft Assessment is, what to expect in each of the supplemental reports, and information on how to provide input.


Draft Assessment and Supplemental Reports

You can also download all documents (25.8MB .zip file)


How to Participate

Submitting Input

During the 60-day review period, the forest plan revision team encouraged members of the public to review the Draft Assessment and supplemental reports and submit any input they might have had about these documents to the team. Although any input was welcomed during the review period, the team emphasized that it was most helpful when it was within the scope of the assessment phase, had a direct relationship to the assessment of existing conditions, and included supporting reasons for consideration. The team may use the feedback received to modify the documents as necessary. To view the input submitted, please visit our Reading Room.

If you have any questions about forest plan revision, please call (740) 753-0555 or email

Attending Open Houses

The forest plan revision team took part in a series of three Wayne National Forest open houses (Feb. 25, Feb. 27, and March 3). These were general open houses that offered attendees a chance to meet the Wayne’s new forest supervisor, learn about the work that goes on in the Wayne National Forest, and learn about the forest plan revision process, including the Draft Assessment.

For further information on past public meetings and events, as well as information about any upcoming events, please see our Public Participation page.


The assessment is the first phase in the forest plan revision process, and the release of the Draft Assessment and supplemental reports marks an important milestone in completing this phase. Below is a rough timeline for the completion of the assessment phase and start of plan development.  

  • January 24, 2020 – Release of the Draft Assessment and supplemental reports
  • January 24 to March 9, 2020 – 45-day review period for the documents
  • February 28 – Review period extended by two weeks.
  • March 23, 2020 – Review period ends
  • Spring to Early Summer 2020 – Forest plan revision team works to incorporate input and finalize the assessment
  • Summer 2020 – Final assessment and preliminary need to change released
  • Late Summer 2020 – Plan development phase begins

The forest plan revision process is projected to last into late 2022. As always, public participation is encouraged throughout the entire forest plan revision process.