Vesuvius Lake

rock bridge at Lake VesuviusThe Vesuvius Recreation Area, named for the old Vesuvius iron furnace, is the Wayne National Forest's premier developed site. This 143 acre complex is located 6.5 miles north of Ironton, just off State Route 93.

An historic iron furnace is located at the base of the dam. The narrows of Storms Creek offered a site for this lake, which was dammed in 1939 by the Civilian Conservation Corp. The rugged hills and out-cropping cliffs offer a scenic backdrop for this historical and beautiful site. 

The facility offers a variety of activities and is open year-round. We encourage you to visit this superb resource on the Wayne. 

 Lake refilled after work on damThe photo here shows the lake in February 2004 after it has refilled.

Vicinity Map of Lake Vesuvius Complex

(Depth map of Vesuvius Lake bottom - This map prints well on 11 x 17, at 8.5 x 11 the print is very small)

vesuvius recreation area



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