Irish Run Natural Bridge

Irish Run Natural Bridge is an impressive 51 foot long, 19 foot wide, 16 foot thick, and 39 foot high natural bridge. And yes, you can walk across it or under it. As you can see here, its sturdy enough to hold a crowd of people!

The bridge lies along an upper slope in a steep hollow. It was formed by stream erosion and weathering. The less resistant center section of the huge sandstone formation was softer and gradually eroded through and broke off along joint planes forming a hole under the massive rock wall. The remaining rock in the bridge section has a higher iron content and was more resistant to weathering. Large blocks of sandstone that once formed the window before they broke away are still present in the gully below. The rock is Permian-age quartz sandstone, deposited as sediment when the oceans receded.

Natural bridges are not common in Ohio. There are only a dozen reported in the entire state.