Dolly Copp Campground Renovation Project

Dolly Copp Campground in Gorham, NH is undergoing a multi-year renovation project as of September 26, 2016. Many of the campground components were falling into significant disrepair; especially the water, wastewater and road systems. Buildings were in various stages of deterioration and few metthe accessibility needs of visitors.


Current Status - December 10th, 2018 

The construction work at Dolly Copp Campground has shut down for the winter, but the contractor will be plowing the roads in the campground off and on throughout the winter. Temporary trail detour of the Great Gulf Link and Daniel Webster Trails are still in effect. Impacts to trail users are outlined below. See a full map of the closed area for more information.

Great Gulf Link Trail:  The trailhead is temporarily inaccessible and closed as it is located within the portion of the Dolly Copp campground that is closed for construction. The trail is accessible from the south where it intersects with the Great Gulf Trail near the Great Gulf Wilderness trailhead parking area, which is located 2 miles south of Dolly Copp on Rt. 16. From this intersection, the trail is open traveling north for 0.5 mile to a point outside of the campground where it is closed off with no access to the campground and hikers need to double back to the Great Gulf Trail.

Daniel Webster Scout Trail:  A temporary detour is in place due to the trailhead being located within the portion of the campground that is closed for construction (see campground closure map). The trail detour starts from the administrative service area at the north end of the campground. Parking is available in this area adjacent to a vault toilet. From here, the trail travels north past the gate house and then follows a logging road turning back south that parallels the campground to a point where it intersects the Daniel Webster Scout Trail and continues on its original course up Mt. Madison. Hikers coming down from Mt. Madison also need to follow this detour into the campground. Signs are in place to help hikers find their way.

Hayes Copp Ski Trail:  The section of the trail system that runs through Dolly Copp Campground is closed due to the campground being closed for construction.  The remainder of the ski trail system is open.  Signs and maps are located at the at the administrative area parking lot at the north end of the campground.

Campground Upgrades


The exterior of a newly constructed bathroom with an accessible path leading to it.Photo shows a urinal and two sinks, each spotless and new.Newly installed electric and water hookups adorn a campsite.


Upgrades that are planned during this rennovation include:

  • The water, wastewater and road systems will be reconstructed.Men work underneath a tall crane. They are installing a heavy cement culvert
  • Pedestal hookups with water and electricity will be installed within three campground loops (approximately 55 sites).
  • One sanitary dump station will be constructed.
  • Nine toilet buildings will be upgraded.
  • Three toilet buildings will be converted to add shower facilities.
  • Some campsites and roads will be reconfigured to improve access, traffic flow and parking.
  • Six campsites will be constructed to accommodate volunteers

For more information, contact the Androscoggin Ranger District Office at (603) 466-2713.