Winter Recreating: Careful Planning Required

Before heading out for the day, be prepared for all conditions:

  • Driving to your destination presents many hazards and is often one of the most dangerous things we do.  Higher elevation roads, such as the Kancamagus may have black ice. 

  • There is spotty cell phone service throughout the forest, make sure you carry extra supplies in your vehicle at all times.  

  • Hypothermia is possibly anytime of the year.  Always carry extra layers of clothes - you may need to share them with your friends.  

  • Leave your itinerary with friends and/or family.  Where will you park your vehicle?  What trail will you be hiking on?  Do you foresee any alternative routes/plans?  It is a lot easier to find you if multiple people have your recreation plan written down. 

  • When hiking above tree line, bring the following: sleeping bag, snowshoes, and some form of boot traction. These 3 items are in addition to the 10 essentials listed below for all seasons.  


When packing your gear for the day, take the time to include the 10 essentials:

  1. map
  2. compass
  3. warm clothing
  4. extra food and water
  5. flashlight or headlamp
  6. matches/firestarters
  7. first aid kit
  8. whistle
  9. rain/wind gear
  10. pocket knife

And don't forget to visit the hikeSafe website for season-specific considerations for every season.  Be safe and enjoy