Standing Closure Order, Roads, Trails, Areas R9-22-19-31

The following acts are prohibited on the White Mountain National Forest located in Carroll, Coos, and Grafton Counties of New Hampshire, and Oxford County, Maine, said area being described and listed at Exhibit A, and areas described and shown on Exhibit B1Exhibit B2, Exhibit B3Exhibit B5Exhibit B6Exhibit B9Exhibit B10Exhibit B12, and Exhibit B13 when necessary:

  1. Using any type of motor vehicle,
  2. Use by any type of traffic,
  3. Being on the road.
  4. Being on a trail. 
  5. Using any type of vehicle prohibited. 
  6. Use by any type of traffic or mode of transport. 
  7. Entering or using a developed recreation site or portion thereof. 
  8. Go into or be upon any area which is closed for the protection of public health or safety.

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