Summer Travel

The summer (snow-free) season is defined as: May 21 through November 22.

Means of summer travel over roads and trails include: 1) licensed and unlicensed vehicles, 2) motorized vehicles under 50” wide, 3) motorcycles, 4) mountain bikes, 5) horses, and 6) foot. 

Summer Motor Vehicle Use Map

Holycross overview with roads

Motor vehicle use maps (MVUMs) show forest routes that are designated as open or restricted to different types of motor vehicles, and seasonal designations. It is your responsibility to know where you can go. 

Motor vehicle use maps also provide information about motorized access to dispersed camping sites (sites outside of campgrounds).

Mountain Bike Map and Regulations

Image of Mountain Bikers

Biking is allowed only on designated trails and roads. Off-road/trail travel is prohibited. View the Bike Route System Map and Regulations (.pdf)


Help Reduce Summer Recreation Impacts! 

Responsible use is key to the success of travel management and a sustainable recreation system.

  • Stay on designated roads, trails, and areas as identified on the motor vehicle use map.
  • Be respectful of other road and trail users.
  • Respect property boundaries and know what uses are allowed if you enter non-Forest Service property.
  • Do not widen trails by going around obstacles and do not create shortcuts.
  • Avoid wet, muddy trails.
  • Cross streams only at designated fords.

Summer Safety

Planning your visit in advance will help ensure you have a great time.

  • Let someone know before you go. Tell a friend or family member where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Cell phones rarely work within the forest. 
  • Check the forecast before departing and bring equipment for changing conditions (rain gear, warm layers).
  • Keep an eye on the sky. Weather can change rapidly at high altitudes. Be at or near treeline before afternoon thunderstorms roll in.
  • Some routes are open to mixed uses. Be respectful of other forest visitors and anticipate encountering others. Blind corners and dense vegetation can hide oncoming traffic.