Travel Management Implementation

Implementation of the Travel Management Plan will be occurring over several years. It is a process that will include prioritization of implementation areas and signing and/or decommissioning routes according to the Travel Management Plan. This page will include updated information on the status of implementation and will help forest visitors anticipate changes.


1. Phased Implementation for FSR 600 Coffee Pot Road from the Forest Boundary to FSR 632 Cow Camp Road

For this section of road the Forest Service intent is to allow for all uses (as was shown in the final TMP), however to do so the Forest Service needs to first meet safety measures suggested in the engineering evaluation for mixed use.  To start the process the WRNF will be developing a safety action plan.  The WRNF then hopes to quickly be able to implement this plan.  Until that time this section of road is open to full-sized licensed motorized vehicles and licensed motorcycles (licensed vehicles) only. (ATV’s and unlicensed motorcycles are restricted; full-sized licensed motorized vehicles, licensed motorcycles, mountain-bikes, horses, and hikers are allowed).