Fire Closures



2017 Jones Fire
(inactive fire, post-fire hazard closure)
Approximately ten miles northeast of Lowell, Oregon in the Little Fall Creek watershed near Forest Road 18.

2020 Beachie Creek Fire  (active fire)

Approximately 2 miles south of Jawbone Flats and 6 miles north of Detroit, OR in the Opal Creek Wilderness.
2020 Lionshead Fire (active fire) Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

The following closures are in place:

Jones Fire

The Jones Fire is located approximately ten miles north east of the town of Lowell, Oregon in the Little Fall Creek watershed. For information check InciWeb at

Jones Fire Closure 2020

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The following closures are in place

Dispersed Camping Area Closed

Within 1000 feet to either side of FSR 1800 from the junction of FSR 1800 and FSR 1821 and continuing east to the junction of FSR1800 and FSR1833.

Trails/Trailheads Closed

Jones Upper Trail and Jones Trail #3472

(NOTE: Fall Creek Trail # 3455 is closed by Order # 06-18-05-19-04).

Roads Closed

FSR 1828 and all connected roads, including: 397-400,402-405,407-408,412,437

Forest Order and map


Beachie Creek Fire

The Beachie Creek Fire was first detected on August 16 and is burning in the Opal Creek Wilderness about 2 miles south of Jawbone Flats and 6 miles north of Detroit, OR. 

Beachie Creek Fire Closures

The closure affects the following roads:

  • Forest Service Road 2209 from Forest Boundary to terminus, including spur 201, 250.

  • Forest Service Road 2223 from Oregon State Highway 22 to terminus, including spurs: 361, 363, 501, 504, 509, 520, 521, 525, 526, 528, 535, 536, 540, 610, 635.

  • Forest Service Road 2207, including spurs: 126, 206, 211, 213, 214-16, 225.

  • Forest Service Road 2225, including spurs: 010-12, 450, 459-462, 264-467, 503, 505.

  • Forest Service Road 4697, including spurs: 349-350, 385, 390-393, 451, 453, 458.

The closure affects the following trails:

  • Little North Santaim #3338
  • Battle Ax Creek Trail #3339
  • Battle Ax Mountain Trail #3340
  • Beachie Trail #3341
  • Elkhorn Ridge Trail #3347
  • Henline Falls Trail #3348
  • French Creek Trail #3349
  • Henline Mountain Trail #3352
  • Battle Ax Tie trail #3353
  • Nasty Rock Trail #3356
  • Ogle Mountain Trail #3357
  • Opal Lake Trail #3372
  • Whetstone Mountain Trail #3369
  • Opal Creek Trail #4187
  • Bagby Trail (#544 & #544A) – n.b. this trail is on the Mt. Hood National Forest.The closure begins just south of Bagby Hot Springs.
  • Whetstone Trail (#546) – n.b. this trail is on the Mt. Hood National Forest

This closure affects the following developed rec sites:

  • Three Pools
  • Jawbone Flats
  • Opal Creek

This closure affects the following campgrounds:

  • Shady Cove Campground
  • Elk Lake Campground


Lionshead Fire

Lionshead map

Area Closure:

The North boundary of the closure is Forest Service Road 4220 (this road remains open).  The West boundary of the area closure follows the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness boundary south to its intersection with Cheat Creek #3441.  The perimeter of the closure then follows Forest Service Road #2243 (Whitewater Road) west to Oregon State Highway 22 (Forest Service Road #2243 is closed).  The closure continues down Oregon State Highway 22 (highway remains open) to its intersection with Forest Service Road 2253 (this road is closed).  The South end of the area closure continues up Forest Service Road 2253 to Yukwah Nature Trail #3421 (this trail is closed).  The perimeter of the closure order continues to follow Lake of the Woods Trail #3493 south to Marion Lake.  Lake of the Woods Trail #3493 is closed.  The perimeter then continues east towards the Pacific Crest Trail (#2000) following the Minto Pass Trail #3437.  A small section of Minto Pass Trail #3437 is closed between the Pacific Crest Trail and the Bowerman Lake Trail #3492.  The East side of the closure area is the Pacific Crest Trail #2000 or boundary with the Deschutes and Warm Springs, whichever is further east.  The area closure ties back in where the Forest Boundary intersects with Forest Service Road 4220.   

Trailhead/Trail closures (not covered by area closure):

  • South Breitenbush Trail & Trailhead #3375

  • Crag Trail & Trailhead #3364

  • Triangulation Peak Trail & Trailhead # 3374

  • Double Peaks Trail #735 (Mt. Hood National Forest)

  • The Pacific Crest Trail is closed from just north of Santiam Pass where Trail #3491 intersects with the Pacific Crest Trail (#2000).The closure continues north up the Pacific Crest Trail to the trail’s intersection with Red Lake Trail #719. Red Lake Trail #719 remains open.

View Closure Order and Map


Last updated: September 6, 2020