1990 Forest Plan

These files are the Willamette National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan and the Final Environmental Impact Statement. This is a digital copy of the original documents printed in 1990.

There have been several amendments to the Forest Plan since 1990 that are not reflected in these documents. For further information on Plan amendments, contact the Forest Planner for the Willamette National Forest.

Please note: these files are very large and can take a long time to download. This is due to the fact that we had only hardcopy versions of the Forest Plan which were scanned to produce these online documents. We also have the Forest Plan available on CD. For information on the CD, please contact Forest Planning at the Willamette National Forest Supervisors Office.

The documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. For more information about PDF, see the Plug Ins and the Accessibility Statement links in the footer of the webpage.

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Land and Resource Management Plan

Record of Decision