Roads Investment Plan

Photo showing major road slump with guardrail hanging down sideThe Forest Service’s Travel Management rule requires all National Forests to identify a road system that is financially and environmentally sustainable over the long term.

Our approach:

  • We have developed a Roads Investment Strategy for how to best use our limited road maintenance budget to maintain access needs, while also protecting and restoring landscapes.
  • Analysis began in 2011 and the Road Investment Strategy (1,467 KB PDF) was completed in September 2015.
  • This report:
    • Includes a description of the existing road system and management issues related to that system,
    • Outlines the public and community involvement,
    • Explains the analysis process used to identify risks, opportunities and access values,
    • Summarizes the results of the analysis and public involvement, and
    • Finishes with the next steps and how the strategy will be used in the future.
  • The Road Investment Strategy is not a decision document and will not directly lead to changes to roads. It will be used to inform and guide both short-term and long-term decisions about road management on the Willamette National Forest.

Community Engagement

Roads, and the access they provide, touch every value that Willamette National Forest lands offer. Because of this, spoke with over 25 groups and hundreds of individuals throughout the process. Future road management efforts will occur on a project-by-project basis, so stay current with our projects by visiting our Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) page.


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