Alcohol Ban and Parking Restrictions in effect for Detroit Ranger District and Marion County Parks in the North Fork Corridor

(Marion County, OR) Detroit Ranger District and Marion County have implemented an alcohol ban and parking restrictions at several locations in the North Fork corridor.  For Detroit Ranger District the alcohol ban is at the Three Pools Day Use Area; the use of marijuana is not legal on all federal National Forest lands. Alcohol, glass containers, and smoking are prohibited at all Marion County Parks.

“These new restrictions are in place after a positive response from the public to improve the safety and recreational experience of these sites, “stated Detroit District Ranger, Grady McMahan.

“To keep parks ready for visitors, we’ve added additional seasonal staff and made improvements in several areas including parking in the North Fork corridor,” said Marion County Parks Coordinator, Russ Dilley. He continued, “We appreciate our partnership with the U.S. Forest Service to improve safety, manage capacity, and enhance the public’s recreational experience in the North Santiam Canyon.”

The new parking restrictions are in place to provide for emergency vehicle access. Parking is not permitted along the North Fork Road leading to Three Pools. There are also new parking restrictions for the trailhead to Opal Creek. Parking at the Opal Creek trailhead has previously accommodated visitors for over a half-mile away from the trailhead; the new restrictions will only permit parking for one quarter (1/4) mile.

To help manage capacity and minimize overcrowding, Marion County has instituted a $5 daily parking fee for all vehicles that park on the side of North Fork Road and in county parks accessed from North Fork Road, including North Fork Park, Salmon Falls Park, Bear Creek Park day use parking and Lomker’s Bridge day use area. A $30 annual parking pass is also available, which allows unlimited daily parking for one vehicle along North Fork Road and in Marion County North Fork corridor parks.

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