Terwilliger Fire restoration work begins -- closures remain in place



Springfield, OR (Nov. 5, 2018) -- Hikers, hunters, and other recreationists should still expect a closure on Aufderheide Drive, Forest Service Road 19, when they come out this fall and winter. The closure has changed slightly to open up a section of Quartz Creek Road, which runs through private land, but the rest of the closure remains in place for public safety. 


"We are still seeing rockslides and trees falling," said Supervisory Fire Engine Operator Ryan Pyle. "We ask that you observe the closures in place for your protection."


Following the fire, a Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team was assembled to provide an immediate assessment and protection of the site to determine the extent of restoration efforts needed. Their work aims to do emergency restoration work to avoid imminent erosion and damage to property.  One of values they identified as "critical," or having a high probability of loss or damage, includes Forest Service Road 19, Aufderheide Drive, which is at risk both due to post-fire rockfall, and sediment and wood running into and compromising drainage culverts. 


The High Cascades Forest Volunteers and staff from the McKenzie River Ranger District have successfully started emergency work to stabilize the Terwilliger Hot Springs trail and prevent further erosion.  These crews are following established safety protocols.


Longer term restoration efforts will still be needed in the future.  Stay tuned for more updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter @willamettenf.  Visit https://go.usa.gov/xPm9W to view the current closure in place.