Willamette NF Proposes to Eliminate Fees at Specific Sites

The Forest Service collects recreation fees under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) for sites and areas with the requisite amenities and services. In June 2011, the Forest Service conducted a review of fee areas on National Forest System lands including the following recreation areas: Waldo Lake, and Opal Creek. Based on the 2011 review, the Forest Service is proposing to eliminate some fees charged for these areas or convert to individual recreation fee sites with reduced boundaries. The following sites will no longer require a fee:

[Icon: Trailhead] Betty Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Bobby Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Fuji Mountain Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Gold Lake - Marilyn Lakes Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Henline Falls Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Henline Mountain Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Little North Santiam River Lower (West) Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Maiden Peak Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Mt. Ray Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Twins Peak Trailhead

Forest Web Site: www.fs.usda.gov/willamette